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  • What is Canvas?

    A learning management system provides a central starting point for teaching and learning to empower teachers and students.  Canvas keeps teachers, students, and parents connected while providing equitable access to interactive, engaging content from anywhere at anytime.  With Canvas, teachers can create powerful content and instruction using their favorite digital tools.  Students can easily access course materials, participate in online discussions, collaborate with peers, and hand in digital assignments.  From rubrics to analytics, Canvas is outfitted with smart, intuitive features to help take learning to the next level.  Using a variety of communication tools, teachers can provide students with feedback that is meaningful, timely, and individualized.  Teachers, students, and parents can see and understand individual student progress, keeping academic goals in focus.  Teaching and learning should always come first, and Canvas provides the tools and space needed to deliver meaningful learning experiences, anytime, anywhere.


Canvas Information and Support

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