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    All teachers must have District-Provided T-TESS orientation by a T-TESS certified appraiser at the first available date following their employment. See page 5 of the T-TESS Manual. The dates are provided in the manual and on the T-TESS Calendar.

    Due to COVID-19 and TEA district waivers the last two years, most teachers will be required to have a formal observation to complete the evaluation cycle in 2021-2022. Please see page 10 of the guidance document for more information.

    ***9.23.2021 Update - added links to T-TESS Teacher Handbook and T-TESS Appraiser Handbook***



T-TESS Resources

  • Request Eduphoria Transcript through Open Records
  • T-TESS Calendar
  • In-Person Instruction Rubric
  • Virtual Instruction Rubric
  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • Teach for Texas Resources