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  • CTE Internal Counselor and Administrator Resource Site *Active directory required. Includes program and course scheduling resources:  scheduling drivers, meeting presentations, program scheduling tool and max class sizes. 

    Bulletin 100 - (pg 318 of 606) Details about CTE courses and Program of Study sequences can be found in the most recent Career & Technical Education section of B100. 

    CTE Program of Study site - Includes information for students and parents regarding all CTE program opportunites, including Gold Seal Programs of Choice and Pathways to Technology (P-TECH) programs. 

    2021 Fall High School CCR Planning and Support Meeting 

    High School Principals, click on the SignUpGenius icon below to schedule the 2021 Fall High School CCR Planning and Support Meeting.  This meeting will serve as the Post-Secondary Team meeting for November and will take place between Nov 1st-12th.  The three time slot options include 8:30am-10:00am, 10:30am-12:00pm, or 1:00pm-2:30pm

    A calendar invite will be sent from Patricia James in the Career & Technical Education Department soon after sign ups.  These meetings will be in-person at your campus so please designate a room that will allow for safe distancing.  Please be sure the following campus personnel are also in attendance: Principal, Assistant Principal over CTE, Scheduler, Lead Counselor, CTE Liaison and Post-Secondary Specialist.   Additional district personnel may also include, but not limited to, CTE Region Coordinator, CTE Instructional Specialist, GSPOC Coordinator, Collegiate Programming Coordinator, and Post-Secondary Coordinators. 

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    • House Bill 18
    • Counseling & Advising 
    • CTE Administrators
      • TexasCTE Administrators
      • Certification Assignment Information
        • Subchapter C. Grades 6-8 Assignments: CTE Middle School Assignments  
          • §231.77. Technology Applications, Grades 6-8  (6th Grade Computer Enrichment & Computer Literacy courses)
          • §231.79. Career Development, Grades 6-8. (CTE MS College & Career Readiness & Investigating Careers Courses - NOT for High School credit).
        • Subchapter E. Grades 9-12 Assignments: CTE High School or MS courses for High School Credit (Touch Systems, Professional Communications, General Employability Skills/Career Development courses)
          • §233.13 of this title (relating to Career and Technical Education (Certificates not requiring experience and preparation in a skill area))
          • §233.14 of this title (relating to Career and Technical Education (Certificates requiring experience and preparation in a skill area))
          • Technology Applications Certification is NOT considered a CTE Teaching Certification under 233.12 & 233.14.  However, a few CTE courses can be taught by a Tech Apps-certified teacher, but must be listed in the assignment rules for that course. 
    • College Preparatory
      • Advanced Technical Credit - This program gives high school students a chance to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses during high school.
    • Career Planning
      • Career Readiness Resources - Resouces used within the district to prepare students for the world of work, especially within Tarrant County. 
      • Reality Check – Go to this site to see how much it costs to live in Texas cities and to get an idea what salaries to expect from specific careers.
      • Occupational Outlooks Handbook - This site gives projected information about hundreds of types of job, plus job search tips and job market information for each state. 
      • Texas Workforce Commission - This job provides information about jobs in Texas.
      • Department of Labor - Look here for information about jobs nationwide, as well as information about laws and regulations governing the workplace.
    • General CTE Information