Care Solace

  • FWISD partners with Care Solace to help families access resources for mental health support in their community. 

    Care Solace provides:

    • The Care Concierge team is a 24x7 service for parents and staff.
    • Experts at hand-holding families through the mental health care process.
    • A database of local providers that match up with the language, insurance, and specialized mental health needs of families
    • Families, students, and staff can search or call on their own(see flyer)
    • Staff can submit a Warm Handoff® for a student or family (not for colleague)

    Care Solace is not:

    • Diagnosticians or treatment providers
    • Providers of medical care resources; substance use disorders and mental health care only
    • Substitutes or replacements for school personnel or services 

    If someone is a danger call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or 911

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