• Raising Highly Capable Kids is a fun and engaging program that is meant to bring the community together so we can all learn new strategies and ideas to ensure that our children are ready to succeed as students in Fort Worth ISD and college and career. The program also focuses on social emotional skills that will ensure our students are prepared to communicate clearly and practice respect with people they meet on a daily basis.

    This program is not just for struggling parents! We know we are all trying to be the best parents we can be each day. This program is meant for all parents because we all have strengths, and we can all grow together in efforts to support all families.

    Participants will not have to complete extensive assignments outside of the time allotted for the classes. You will not have assignments or big projects. We know our families are busy and the goal is to ensure the process is smooth and does not prevent parents from completing other daily duties that are a priority.

    Key Points:

    1. 13-week course commitment
    2. All materials and supplies provided
    3. Engaging presenters
    4. Classes are facilitated in-person
    5. Snacks and beverages provided
    6. Class Duration (2 hours, from 8am-10am)
    7. Classes facilitated in English and Spanish
    8. Special prizes for parent participation
    9. Graduation Ceremony

    Fun Activities Every Saturday- Just to Name a Few:

    1. Bingo/Loteria
    2. Parent Potlucks
    3. Board Game Day
    4. Coffee with the Principal


    Host Campuses

    Region 1 - Western Hills Elementary

    Region 2 - Oakhurst Elementary

    Region 3 - Alice Contreras Elementary 

    Region 4 - Van Zandt Guinn Elementary


    13 Session Topics:

    Session 1: We're All in This Together

    Session 2: What Kind of Parent are You

    Session 3: Stand By Me

    Session 4: Plugged In

    Session 5: Limits that Liberate

    Session 6: Yours, Mine, and Hours

    Session 7: When the Schoolhouse Rocks

    Session 8: Creating Character

    Session 9: Like Facebook, Only Better

    Session 10: Three Thumbs Up

    Session 11 What Your World Needs Now, Part I

    Session 12: What Your World Needs Now, Part II

    Session 13: Just the Beginning 

    Session 14: Parent Graduation



    Program hours: 8am-10am


    Session Schedule (A total of 14 sessions):


    Saturday, September 10 

    Saturday, September 24

    Saturday, October 15 

    Saturday, October 29 

    Saturday, November 12 

    Saturday, December 3 

    Saturday, January 7 


    Saturday, January 21  

    Saturday, February 11

    Saturday, February 25

    Saturday, March 4

    Saturday, April 1

    Saturday, April 22

    Saturday, May 6


    If interested, please complete the parent  registration and someone from the selected campus will reach out to you with further details. 


    For more information contact:


    Bryan Johnson, Coordinator V Parent Partnerships 

    Email: bryan.johnson@fwisd.org

    Office: 817-814-3333


    Yesenia Ward (Spanish Speaking Support), Lead Parent Educator Parent Partnerships

    Email: Yesenia.ward@fwisd.org

    Office: 817-8143346