Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for Gold Seal?

  • What do I need to do to begin the online application?

  • May we apply if we live in another school district?

  • Where will my child go if not selected during the lottery?

  • When will the application process begin and end?

  • Will transportation be provided?

  • What if I need help with the application?

Application Questions

  • Where can I get a Choice application?

  • What is my child’s local ID#?

  • Why is the online application not allowing me to proceed if the physical address is blank?

  • Where do I need to update my address information?

  • I made the address change at the school. How long do I need to wait to apply online?

  • Once I submit the online application, what should I do with the confirmation number?

  • Can I make changes to the online application after it's submitted?

  • Will a certain Internet browser be required to submit an online application?

Elementary & Middle School Questions

  • Is there a Program of Choice for Pre-Kindergarten students?

  • How old does my child need to be to enter kindergarten?

  • If my child has never been in Fort Worth ISD before, may I still apply online?

  • My child didn’t attend Pre-Kindergarten, so they don’t have a report card. May we still apply?

  • If a sibling is already attending my first choice school selection, is my child automatically in?

  • If I am an employee of the district, will my child automatically be accepted to their first choice?

  • If my child attends an elementary Applied Learning Center, will they automatically be assigned?

  • How many programs can I apply for?

  • What must be completed to be eligible for a School of Choice?

High School Questions

  • What must be completed to be eligible for a Choice program or school?

  • How many programs can I apply for?

  • Does every ninth grader need to apply for Gold Seal Programs of Choice?

  • Can my 10th grader apply for a program or a school of choice?