Degrees and Certifications:

UT Arlington -Masters In Curriculum Instruction

Mr. Peter Hernandez

Data Analyst


Hello, my name is Peter Hernandez and this year I have the privilege of being the Data Analyst at the World Languages Institute.  With new changes come new challenges, but I am looking forward to working with you all.

Since nobody likes to navigate into the unknown with a stranger, here is a little information about me (in case we haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet):

I have been a Bilingual Literacy teacher at Sam Rosen for the past 8 years, but even though I have been a teacher all this time it wasn't what I envisioned my career to be as a child- 4th grade me would have told you I'd be an architect.  My college background is in architecture which I studied at Washington University in St. Louis.  There my interest in education was sparked, and after learning more about the world of education from various architecture projects I decided to shift my sights.  After some years as a teacher I decided to further my education with a Masters in Curriculum instruction from UTA, which has helped refine my instruction and understanding of teaching even more.

I have three dogs (Cosette, Benji, and Scout) who are very annoying in their own lovable way, and I love cooking and doing all sorts of nerdy things.  Some of my favorite hobbies involve video games, comics, and board games. I spend most of my free time painting or building tiny things for wargames. I just really love making stuff.

The ancient map makers and cartographers used to label the unknown parts of their maps with dragons, but I want to explore the unknown and use these changes as an opportunity to help our students have a passion for learning and discovery.

Though I'm new to this position, I have a lot of excitement for what lies ahead, and I hope that together we will be able to work together to help our students even more.  This year will be an adventure that I look forward to sharing with you.