Community Connection--Bringing Geography to Life

  • Freshmen students in Mrs. Fatheree’s and Mr. Cook’s World Geography classes have spent the past few weeks studying physical geography and natural disasters. These classes have embraced project based learning by researching specific natural disasters and creating Disaster Preparedness Kits, as well as digital infographics.

    The World Geography classes embraced the community aspect of project based learning and the pillars of the New Tech Academy, our Program of Choice. By welcoming in members of the local fire departments, students were able to make real world connections with the content of the lesson. Students’ projects combined with their guest speaker experience allowed them to understand the harsh realities of natural disasters and how communities attempt to rebuild even stronger afterwards.

    Local firefighters shared their experiences with natural disasters and spent quality time answering questions from each class. Benbrook’s Chief Davis and Fort Worth’s Lieutenant Johnson were even kind enough to explore the student’s Disaster Kits and offer feedback on the supplies the students chose for each disaster.

    “I’m very grateful that we were all able to pull it off.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it and take something out of it,” said Katy Fatheree.

  • Western Hills High School would like to thank Chief Davis and Assistant Chief Tate with Benbrook Fire for their fantastic storytelling and images of the Hurricane Harvey deployment, as well as describing the process for students to enter the fire department.

    WHHS would also like to thank Fort Worth Fire for sending out speakers from the Swiftwater and Wildland divisions. Lieutenant Blake Johnson and firefighters Kelvin Kolb and Nick Liebherr spoke in great detail about the dangers that come with natural disasters and how grateful they are to be able to help those in need during such a difficult time.