Classroom Observation Requests

  • Current college, university, or Educator Preparation Program candidates needing classroom observation hours must complete an application and subsequent paperwork in order to be granted permission to conduct observations in Fort Worth ISD classrooms.

    Observation requests will be handled as quickly as possible but may take 5 - 7 business days to complete. Online forms will be sent through our application system and will need to be electronically signed and submitted.  Once the initial forms are submitted, an observation clearance letter will be emailed granting approval for observations.  Classroom Observers must have a clearance letter prior to contacting a campus. Contact information for all Fort Worth ISD schools can be found in the School Directory

    Observers will be responsible for contacting individual campuses to schedule observation times.  The clearance letter must be shown to campus office personnel when reporting for the observation.  You will also be asked to show a picture ID.

    Classroom observation requests are subject to space and availability.  Campus principals reserve the right to deny requests.

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    Observation Guidelines

    1. All cell phone use for any purpose during observations is prohibited.
    2. Professional dress is required for all observers.  Admittance to campus may be denied if attire is deemed inappropriate by an administrator.
    3. You must bring your clearance letter with you to each scheduled observation.
    4. Remember that all information concerning students is confidential.
    5. Be respectful of the campus’ ultimate purpose which is educating the students.

    Click here for Classroom Observation Request Application