Do I qualify for a Texas teacher certificate?
    The state of Texas allows prospective teachers who currently hold a valid teaching certification in other countries to be able to submit verification of their current credentials to qualify for Texas teacher certification.  

    Is a Social Security Number required?
    social security number (SSN) is required for Certification. You must complete fingerprinting before a certificate will be issued. A SSN is required to complete fingerprinting. Visit the Social Security Administration (www.ssa.gov) for information regarding SSNs.   

    What is my timeline to begin the certification process?
    Eligible candidates should begin the certification process immediately. The time required to complete the certification process is different for each individual. Typically, the turnaround time for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to review Out-of-Country credentials is 2 to 3 months and may be longer during peak periods, between April and September 

    Where do I submit my out-of-country credentials?
    -Begin by creating a Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) account (https://tealprod.tea.state.tx.us/). This is a secure gateway where access must be set up before an educator can access their certification account.  
    -Apply for the review of out-of-country credentials and pay a $164 non-refundable fee   
    -Submit an original course-by-course evaluation by a recognized foreign evaluation service. For a list of approved organizations, visit https://tea.texas.gov/texas-educators/certification/out-of-state-certification/foreign-credential-evaluation-services. 
    -Submit an original written statement from your country’s licensing agency. 
    -Submit acceptable proof of the oral English Language Proficiency scores. To register for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam, visit https://www.ets.org/toefl. To have scores submitted directly to TEA use the agency code 8225. Note: passing scores on the TOEFL-IBT exam are as follows (24 speaking, 22 listening, 22 reading, and 21 writing). 
    -Once the review of credentials has been completed, you may be eligible for a non-renewable one-year certificate from TEA. After completing the one-year certificate and all appropriate exams, you may apply and pay a $77 non-refundable fee for a standard certificate to become a Texas certified teacher. 

    How do you get approved for the TExES exam?
    After credentials have been reviewed by TEA, you will be emailed information regarding the TExES content-pedagogy certification exams that you are approved to take. 

    Can I take my TExES certification test outside of Texas?
    There is availability at various testing centers across the country. In some cases, the closest testing center could be an extended drive away. 

    To search for a testing center:  

    1.  Visit the Pearson registration website – www.tx.nesinc.com
    2. Select “Exams” then "TExES".  
    3. Select your exam from the list.  
    4. Scroll down to the Exam Sites section and click "Locate a test center".  
    5. Open the pop-up for the test center location search window. If you have a pop-up blocker on, you may need to disable it to view the test center location finder.  
    6. Enter your ZIP code and begin your search for local testing centers that offer your exam. Options may be limited for out-of-Texas testing.   

    How much is the TExES exam?
    The registration fee for the TExES is $116 per test. 

    How many times can you take a TExES exam?
    The retake policy for TExES exams is a 30-day wait period and a maximum of five attempts per exam. This means that you can register at any time for a retake appointment, as long as the new test date is at least 30 days after the date you received the results for the failed exam.   

    How long does the TExES exam take?
    Each TExES exam usually consists of somewhere between 90 – 150 multiple-choice questions, but some tests also include essays, short open-ended responses, and other similar types of questions. The exam-taker will have five hours to complete each exam session and each exam has one or two sessions depending on the exam.  

    What happens if I don’t pass the TExES exam?
    If you fail a test, you can retake it after 30 days. You can’t register until the scores are posted, so there’s no need to panic until you see your official scores. You also get four more attempts to pass a TExES exam before you are required to apply for a test retake waiver. 

    Where can I obtain test and study materials for the TExES exam?
    You can “Google” for materials, books, practice tests, and general information. Any test approved by TEA can be researched. Below is a list of exams required to be Bilingual certified. 

    1. ETS – Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 
    2. TExES 160 – Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) 
    3. TExES 291 – Core-Subjects EC-6 
    4. TExES 164 – Bilingual Supplemental 
    5. TExES 190 – Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) 
    6. TExES 293 – Science of Teaching Reading (STR)  

    Is Fort Worth ISD offering Teacher Hiring Incentives?
    Yes. Fort Worth ISD is offering many teacherOne-Time Sign-On Bonus for the 2022-2023 school year, see below.  

    -2021-22 Jump Start (begin teaching this year)                   $1,000
    -2022-23 Early Commitment (prior to April 1, 2022)            $2,000
    -Welcome Home (FWISD graduates)                                      $500 
    -PK-5 Bilingual Teacher                                                             $5,000
    -Special Education Teacher                                                      $3,000
    -Secondary Math, Science, ELAR                                             $3,000 

    Does Fort Worth ISD offer stipends?
    Yes. Fort Worth ISD offers annual stipends for the areas listed below.

    -Elementary Bilingual                                                               $4,000
    -Elementary & Secondary ESL                                                $450 
    -Secondary Math                                                                       $1,800
    -Secondary Science                                                                  $1,800
    -Special Education (Intensive Programs)                              $1,350
    -Special Education (Resources & Inclusion)                         $450 
    -Teacher Incentive Allotment                                                  $3,000-$32,000 

    What employee benefits are offered?
    All School Districts are under Texas Retirement System (TRS) for benefits. Our Employee Benefits Department is responsible for providing access to voluntary core benefits for eligible employees and dependents utilizing the advantage of group rates through payroll deduction. See other employee benefits listed below. 

    -Four weeks off throughout the school year and extended summer break.
    -Tuition-free, non-resident student transfers for employees’ children. 
    -District annual contribution of more than $3,400 towards health insurance. 
    -Free $15,000 life insurance policy. 
    -Employee discounts through our Perks Plus Program include: 

    -Automotive                  -Restaurants 
    -Child care                     -Retail shopping 
    -Entertainment              -Phone services 
    -Physical fitness           -and many more 

    When do I sign my contract?
    All teachers renew contracts on a yearly basis. If you have less than 5 consecutive years as a teacher in a public school system, you will be on a probationary contract for 3 years.  

    Do my college transcripts need to be sealed?
    Official degree conferred transcripts are important not only to begin working but also to credit for salary purposes. The universities provide students with an official sealed copy, “Student Copy”. Official transcripts in Spanish are NOT acceptable. Pleases request ALL documents in English. 

    What are Service Records?
    Service Records provide detailed information of your service years as a teacher. This document will help us determine creditable years of service for minimum salary. All teachers need to request their service records by March of the hiring year. 

    When do I know I have been hired?
    Even though we are looking for all subjects and positions, we can only offer Letters of Intents to elementary bilingual and Spanish teachers.  All others will continue to work closely with our team to provide opportunities for hire.    

    When should I plan to move to Texas?
    If you are currently a teacher and have taken and passed all tests, you should target to move no later than the end of July 2022 or the first week of August 2022. On the other hand, if you are in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP), the EPP will require you to be physically present for summer sessions. Each EPP has its process, guidelines, and requirementsIf you are moving with children, it would be a good idea to scout around the area and know your surroundings before your New Teacher Training begins. Normally, the Fort Worth ISD’s New Teacher Induction Specialists offer new teachers to the District a 1-week Staff Development late summer and the beginning of August.   

    Does Fort Worth ISD offer employee relocation assistance?
    Fort Worth ISD does not cover any employee relocation expenses. Most apartment complexes require a deposit that includes your first month’s rent in advance and a confirmation of employment, including salary. Other expenses to consider are utilities (electricity/water), vehicles, testing, and certification process.    

    When do I enroll my kids in school?
    All School Districts have different processes for student registration.  First, you need to choose a living locationThen, depending on where you choose to reside, find the school they will attend according to the grade level.  For general parent and student registration information, visit www.fwisd.org/domain/736. 

    Get to know the City of Fort Worth!
    -City of Fort Worth – www.fortworthtexas.gov
    -Fort Worth Chamber – www.fortworthchamber.com 
    -Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – www.fwhcc.org
    -Apartment Finder – www.apartmentfinder.com
    -Livability – www.livability.com 
    -Fort Worth ISD Perks Plus Program – www.fwisd.org/page/2607