• Tarrant County College South / FWISD Collegiate High School opened their doors in the 2015-2016 year on a mission to serve students in the Early College High School Model.  Subsequently, in an effort to serve all students and the community, we applied for and received the 2018-2019 PTECH Planning Grant.  Our School will open our doors in the 2019-2020 school year as a Pathways in Technology Early College High School.  This program evolution will enhance our current ECHS program by working with industry partners to offer work-based experiences at all grade levels, opportunities to earn industry certifications and academic degrees in the field of Renewable Energy.  All of our ECHS Students who began the program between 2015 and 2017 will be served in the ECHS program as promised.  Students who entered our school as 9th grade in the 2018-2019 year will have the opportunity to select the new PTECH degree pathways or remain in the traditional ECHS programs of study.



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