• Supplemental pay (stipends) represents remuneration in addition to, but separate from, regular base salary, and includes assignment stipends, coaching stipends, auto and cell phone allowances, and others as identified. Supplemental pay is authorized on a year- to-year basis and is not to be considered a property right. Supplemental pay will be discontinued upon cessation of assignment or upon the occurrence of an event which otherwise causes the employee to be ineligible to receive the supplemental pay.  Stipends or supplemental pay not described in this section of the handbook must be verified and approved by Compensation before submitting to Payroll for processing. All unapproved rates submitted without approval will be adjusted by Payroll and/or Compensation, at the approved rate on record. All approvals require the signature of the appropriate Leadership Team member.

    Also, please note that some stipends are dependent upon the employee meeting professional development and/or other job-specific requirements. Failure to meet those requirements will cause the employee to be ineligible to receive the stipend.

    Employees paid from grant funds will be paid in accordance with the approved rates in this handbook, regardless of what may be allowable in the grant.

    Supplemental Pay Schedules Stipends