• On Saturday, April 9th, FWISD art teachers and volunteers teamed up at Christene C. Moss elementary to beautify the school with bright uplifting murals.  Head muralist and Manual Jara elementary art teacher, David Orona, collaborated with C.C. Moss art teacher Geneva McBrown in creating bright, positive, and inspirational art.  McBrown said, “Art is beautiful, students are beautiful, and the educational work that is done here is beautiful.  The building needs to reflect that.” 

    Several FWISD art teachers donated their talent and time.  There were numerous volunteers from TCU equine, volleyball, and basketball teams. A local American Legion chapter, the Disable American Veterans Fort Worth chapter and C.C. Moss staff all put their art skills to good use.  The spirit of Mrs. Charla Staten, the principal at C.C. Moss, was lifted.  Having people believe in you and donate their time and talent for the students fills her heart with delight. She truly appreciates the volunteers who made this artwork possible for the students and staff.

    Students walked in on Monday enthusiastic about the new art on the walls.   One first grade student said, “Wow, it is so pretty.  Every time I look at it I see something new.”  One of the PTO parent volunteers commented that “The artwork makes the school so welcoming.  C.C. Moss is a special place and the artwork reflects that.”  Moss staff and students want to thank all the volunteers for their time and effort.