• On April 26, 2022, the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education (BOE) approved the establishment of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC). The purpose is to assist the District in maintaining accountability and integrity of the 2021 Capital Improvement Program that was approved by voters on November 2, 2021. 

    The COC members are recommended by the Board of Education members, with expertise in areas such as construction, financial management, land development, public agencies coordination, or parent leadership. 

    The COC will be responsible for providing reports to the BOE with its recommendations regarding such issues as program management, compliance with policies and procedures, use of historically underutilized businesses, environmental stewardship and stakeholder satisfaction. 

    The District appreciates the dedication, commitment and service of the COC members.

2021 COC Meeting Documents

COC Upcoming Meetings

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2021 COC Members

  • District 2021 COC Member
    District 1 Isaac Manning
    District 1 John Pergande
    District 2 James Petty
    District 2 Glenn Forbes
    District 3 Larry Braziel
    District 3 Joshua Rivers
    District 4 Drayone Jones
    District 4 Stacy Marshall
    District 5 Jay Wieser
    District 5 Owen Hutchison
    District 6 Jody Sanders
    District 6 Kelly Horne
    District 7 Chris Benton
    District 7 Jason Ward
    District 8 Nelcy Cardenas
    District 8 Scott Wood
    District 9 Elizabeth (Libby) Willis
    District 9 Miguel Martinez
    Superintendent Steven Poole
    Superintendent  Ken Kuhl