Benchmark 3

      IHE leadership meetings

      Board presentation

      • Board presentations have been postponed in light of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Below is the most-recent presentation.

      IHE partnership

      • Roles and responsibilities

        The following list shows the roles and responsibilities of the joint Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences-Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus committee.

        • Anyssa Guerin: TCC director of academic affairs, educational partnerships
          • Acts as committee co-chair
        • Jack Henson: TABS principal
          • Acts as committee co-chair
        • Janaea Williams: TCC coordinator of dual credit
          • Addresses front-line college obstacles for TABS students
        • Kaye Orndoff: TCC senior office assistant assistant
          • Records meeting minutes and assists with logistics. Acts as communication liaison
        • Angela Hall: TCC coordinator of health services
          • Advocates for student health and safety and the integration of TABS students into TCC student life
        • Phillip Anderson: TABS assistant principal
          • Oversees testing and textbooks and supervises students.
        • Brian Wooddell: TABS post-secondary success specialist
          • Recruits students, coordinates programs of study, organizes TSI testing and evaluates program effectiveness
        • Tammy Asbury: TABS counselor to juniors and seniors
          • Oversees student schedules in partnership with tcc, monitors student success and advocates for students
        • Sandra Muñoz: TABS counselor to freshmen and sophomores
          • Oversees student academic plans, monitors student success and advocates for students

      Strategic priorities

      • Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences’ strategic priorities for 2022-2023 include:

        • Striving to ensure equity in access and achievement for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, socioeconomic status or nation of origin;
        • Striving to meet 100 percent college, career and military readiness for graduates;
        • Striving to attain 80 percent of graduates earn an associate’s degree and/or an industry certification; and
        • Striving to ensure that at least 80 percent of graduates are TSI-met.
        • Striving to improve on the social and emotional wellbeing of all students.