Benchmark 6

      Mentoring and induction program

      • Fort Worth ISD New Teacher Academy

        The district's New Teacher Academy is an onboarding program for those new to the district. Find out more here.

        Campus-based initiatives

        September – May

        New teachers will meet at least twice a month with their departments or those teaching in a similar content area in order to plan. This should allow the teacher to:

        • Teach to the rigorous standards expected at TABS;
        • Evaluate impact of instruction on student performance;
        • Use student and classroom achievement data for planning and curriculum;
        • Design instruction to meet specific learning needs; and
        • Contribute to a positive school culture.

        January – May

        Once every three weeks—for a total of six observations—new teachers will be partnered with experienced teachers or staff leaders to observe peers and discuss best practices and strategies for the classroom.

      Training plan

      • District-level training

        The Fort Worth Independent School District provides a wide array of professional learning opportunities throughout the year. More information can be found here.

        Campus-level training for 2022-2023

        Aug. 8, 2022

         Time Session
        08:30-08:45 Welcome, agenda overview and objectives
        08:45-09:00 Meet-and-greet activity
        09:00-09:20 TABS mission and vision
        09:20-10:00 TABS learner profile
        10:10-10:25 Team-building and wellness
        10:25-11:10 Freshman success initiative
        11:10-11:30 Collective efficacy
        11:30-13:00 Lunch
        13:00-13:05 Load buses for convocation
        13:30-15:00 Convocation
        15:00-15:15 Return to TABS
        15:15-16:15 Advisory planning meeting

        Aug. 11, 2022

         Time Session
        08:30-08:45 Welcome, agenda overview and objectives
        08:45-09:00 Ice-breaker
        09:00-09:25 CCMR/ECHS overview
        09:25-09:50 Collegiate testing data
        10:10-10:40 Attendance, tardies and grading
        10:40-11:30 Rotations with office staff
        11:30-13:00 Lunch
        13:00-13:15 SBDM and CERC
        13:15-13:30 Team-building activity
        13:30-14:10 T-TESS, student learning objectives and individual professional goals
        14:10-14:20 Opening of school and processes and procedures
        Advisory plan and bell schedule
        Build calendar and identify sponsors
        15:00-15:10 Emergency calling tree
        15:10-16:00 Department meetings

      ECHS leader/liaison meetings