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    Each year the Paschal High School PTA conducts one simple fundraiser to raise thousands of dollars to improve the academic and extra-curricular environment for our students and teachers. 

    Our 2023 goal is $35,000. In 2022, 123 donors raised almost $34,000 to help bridge the gap between available public funding and the high standards you expect at PHS!

    We call the campaign “One-and-Done.” It’s the only time this year that the Paschal PTA will ask you for a financial contribution beyond regular PTA dues to support our incredible school.

    In recent years, your PTA donations have funded:

    • Down payment on the Paschal auditorium’s new audio/visual system, which is up and running this semester!
    • Funding for the Freshman Success Team, with PHS T-shirts provided to all incoming freshmen and an incentive for students awarded at the end of each six weeks.
    • Establishment of a Teacher’s Fund with $100 per teacher reimbursements for expenses not covered by the district.
    • New Biology equipment that gives PHS students access to cutting-edge techniques.

    Show your Panther Pride and Give Today!

    Every dollar counts. Online donors may dedicate their gift in honor of an educator who has made a difference!

    Each donor who contributes by Oct. 31 will be recognized. All families that contribute $250 or more will be invited to a donor recognition happy hour with special guests!


    Giving Levels

    Gold: $750-$1,000*

    E-newsletter recognition

    Donor Happy Hour

    Silver: $500-$749*

    E-newsletter recognition

    Donor Happy Hour

    Bronze: $250-$449

    E-newsletter recognition

    Donor Happy Hour

    Purple Pride: $100-$249

    Panther Pack: up to $99

    *Gold and Silver level contributions may be split into two payments, with final payment by Oct. 31.


    Thank you for donating!

    Your 2023 Fundraising Committee

    Kristin, Edith, & Beth

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