• At the beginning of the year, we shared with the students the fun fact that Eagles love to fly above storms!
    Today, when the “storm of life”hit our campus at 8:17 am when we lost power, Moss Eagles soared and flew above the storm. Teachers quickly pivoted their planned lessons to fit the instructional needs of today. They were teaching from their fully charged laptops while the students were sitting patiently on the carpet fully engaged. Across the campus, all students were eagerly and excited to learn by nature’s light!
    Also, a huge thanks to our Cafeteria, Custodial, Office, and Support Staff who continued to lend a hand and ensured that the student’s school day was smooth.
    This was a great lesson to our students that even in darkness, you must continue to GLOW! #letsglow #learningneverstops
    Let’s GLOW and we will definitely SEE you all tomorrow!