• Classroom Audio-Visual Refresh


    As part of the Fort Worth ISD Long Range Technology Plan, classrooms are being equipped with new Interactive Flat Panels (IFP). Over the next few months, the current classroom interactive whiteboards will be removed and replaced with a 75-inch display. These new IFPs look like big screen televisions but include a large, bright display and a touch-screen for supporting interactive classroom instruction. Teachers can deliver content directly from the built-in tools on the IPF or can connect a teacher's laptop with the provided cables or through wireless screen sharing.  

    High Schools and Alternative Schools

    High school classroom A/V updates are in process and the Technology PMO office schedules installation of the Promethean ActivPanel-75 after CIP 2017 new construction and renovation phases complete. You can find quick reference guides for the Promethean ActivPanel Titanium on the Educational Technology webpage. Alternative schools also receive Promethean ActivPanels. IFPs for Alternative Campuses are on mobile stands.  

    Elementary  Schools

    Installation of the BenQ Interactive Display for Elementary classrooms is in progress. This work includes removal of the current interactive whiteboard. The new BenQ IFPs are installed on a mobile stand, are height adjustable and allow elementary teachers to place the display anywhere in the classroom that has an electrical outlet in reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What new equipment will be installed in classrooms as part of the Classroom Audio-Visual Refresh?

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    Elementary and Middle School classrooms will be equipped with BenQ 75" interactive panels. High School and Alternative School classrooms are equipped with 75" Promethean ActivPanel. 

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  • 2. Will all the old Promethean Interactive Whiteboards be removed?

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    The old interactive whiteboards are out of warranty and support is being phased out as the new interactive panels are installed. All old interactive whiteboards will be removed as part of this project. 

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  • 3. When will my school get the new interactive panels?

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    Installations are occurring in phases. See the calendar on this page to find the projected installation date for your campus. Technology PMO will reach out to your principal when the installation date is finalized. 

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  • 4. What is an interactive panel?

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    An interactive panel is like a big screen TV, but it includes built-in features that allow you to create interactive lessons directly from the panel or you can connect to your teacher laptop to display lesson materials and instructional content. The interactive panel includes a stylus that you and your students can use to engage in the activities displayed or the panel also responds to touch. Another great feature is the ability to connect wireless to the panel with touchback capability.  

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  • 5. Will all rooms in the building get a new interactive panel?

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    No, only classrooms with a teacher and other instructional areas receive a new panel. See list below of the types of classrooms that will receive a new interactive panel:

     -Core content classrooms
     -All elementary grade level classrooms (PK-5)
     -Specials classrooms -  Art, Music, Health, Physical Education
     -Library, Computer Lab, Elementary Science Labs
     -Speech, Dyslexia
     -Special Education - Resource and other Special Education Programs
     -Other Instructional Areas will be considered if they are part of an Elementary teacher planning time rotation.

    Areas not receiving the new panels:

     -Empty classrooms
     -Classrooms used for storage
     -Tutoring rooms
     -Offices or Conference Rooms
     -Areas not used for student instruction

    Note: Due to room size or other mitigating factors some of the areas listed above may not be able to accommodate a new panel. 

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  • 6. Can I connect a desktop computer to the interactive panel?

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    Connection to the District-issued teacher laptop is the standard and supported device for connection to the interactive panel. 

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  • 7. What happens to the NFC card when an employee leaves the district?

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    When an employee is deactivated in Active Directory, this removes the employee from the BenQ AMS system and releases any linked information the NFC card is associated with.  After this, if anybody attempts to use the card, they will receive the following message on the BenQ board: “Login Failed.  Cannot log in using this NFC card.  Contact your administrator.”

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