Ambassador Club

  • It is quite a privilege to be a campus Ambassador, so we hope you will use your role in a way to promote positivity, a sense of togetherness, and to teach other students how to work successfully within a group. Student Ambassadors will be expected to complete this application and upload your resume.

    Students will be chosen based on their resume and/or teacher's recommendation. To serve in a student leadership position, students are expected to represent our school with a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and recruit other students to apply for the Ambassador position.

    Student Ambassadors will be expected to uphold the duties that are assigned to school events. Student Ambassadors are responsible for keeping track of their own hours, obtaining signature(s) required, and submitting by the required deadline.

    Students must complete the Student Ambassador Application for 2023-2024 to volunteer for the following school events:

    • Campus Open House
    • GSPOC Recruiting (District)
    • GSPOC Open House
    • Registration Night
    • Awards Ceremonies
    • Senior Decision Day
    • Summer Bridge
    • Interact Club*

    *Student ambassadors can also sign up to work on community service events with Ms. Wendy to earn volunteer hours and raise money for the club.

    An application must be submitted each year for the next year.

Ambassadors 2024