Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jorge Carrasco

Mr. Carrasco likes to learn; he likes to think of himself as a lifelong learner. There is so much room for growth, regardless of age. He wants to create a positive environment where students can create, and allow themselves to hone their thoughts, to be expressive and translate them into creativity.  In his free time, he enjoys painting, learning how to cook new (or old) dishes, or playing video games. Mr. Carrasco loves to spend time with his fiancé (they just got engaged over the summer). They like taking their dog out for walks, going to the gym, and watching TV shows together. He absolutely LOVES strawberry cheesecake and burgers. If he gets the chance, he likes to pose for photos. It makes things more fun and sillier.

Mr. Carrasco believes his "why" to become an educator developed through the wonderful teachers that he had himself throughout his educational career. He had many amazing instructors that truly, genuinely encouraged him and wanted him to succeed in life. Helping him refine his skills so that he could have opportunities and choose any profession that he wanted. Ultimately, Mr. Carrasco had decided to teach. His "why", is to reflect the same nourishing and warm positivity he was given; thus, he would like to do the same for future learners.