2023-2024 Wrestling Team

  • Jason Aden
    Ashton Berry
    Brayden Burns
    Naiture Dorsey
    Daviahn Ervin
    Billy Evans
    Jamarion Ford
    Fernando Gutierrez
    Raziel Gutierrez
    Javares Hamilton
    Tavares Hamilton
    Luis Martinez
    Trishtan Willis
    Tyler Willis
    Trevor O’Quin
    Oscar Guerra
    Christian Chun
    Alexis Yokobo

    Marriha Ford
    Vonmeisha Harrison
    Alezai Jones
    Tiara Reed
    Ricci Shivers


  • Regional Tournament

    Posted by Coach Foster on 2/13/2024

    This weekend, two of our wrestlers traveled to Frisco for the UIL Region 2 District 5A championship.  This is a two-day tournament that requires a lot of grit and self-determination.  Our boys fought hard but fell short on the backside.  "On the backside" is a term we use to describe being on the back bracket fighting for 3rd through 6th place.  Win three and fight for 1st, but lose one and find yourself on the backside, which could have you on track for having to win at least 6 or 7 matches.

    Trishtan Willis got to the backside and fell short on day one.  He had an injury during the football season that kept him from getting a lot of wrestling time, but he bounced back from the injury quickly. Trishtan was still ranked as the number one seed going into the district tournament, even though he missed a lot.  Trishtan was able to get 4th in the district, in spite of being out 3/4ths of the season.  I'm very proud of his leadership and dedication this year.  I can't wait to see him attack the hurdles in this year's track season.  

    Tavares Hamilton had a very strong wrestling season.  He finished the year with over 20 pins and 20 victories.  He placed 4th in the District championships.  At the regional tournament, Tavares bounced back and defeated the number 2 finisher from the district, moving to the Semi Finals Round on the back side. He fought as long as he could and finished 6th over all in the region.  I know Tavares wanted more, but he did his best.  I will also be excited to see him on the track this season with Trishtan Willis.  We will miss him in wrestling, and he will be hard to replace.  Thank you all for supporting our Cougars! 

    We had several wrestlers who placed 5th in the District tournament and were alternates for the Regional meet in Frisco.  This year, more than 6 alternates were pulled into action to wrestle.  Congratulations to Tyler Willis, Alexis Yakobo, Tiara Reed, and Vonmeisha Harrison for your hard work and finishing 5th place. 

    Pictures have been uploaded to our gallery.  *picture credits - Coach Moilan/Jayme Rodriguez 

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  • District 5A - Region 2

    Posted by Coach Foster on 2/5/2024

    This weekend our wrestlers traveled to Birdville High School to compete in the District 5A Region 2 Championship. Every practice, every tournament, every dual, every rep in the weight room, and every lap on the track was to prepare each wrestler for the chance to be crowned a DISTRICT CHAMPION.  There were 19 schools who competed in this tournament, and in each weight class, only four athletes would qualify for a guaranteed spot at the Regional Tournament in Frisco Texas. 

    The District tournament ran from 9AM to 9 PM.  Our wrestlers were up at 5am on Saturday morning and wrestled into the late evening.  I was very proud of the courage and class our athletes showed during the tournament. They won and lost with honor. Uriel Estrada (Freshman) and Christian Chun (Freshman) competed in their first ever district tournament at the JV level. Both competed with heart and had a successful day. Alexis Yakobo, Raziel Gutierrez, Oscar Gutierrez, Trevor Q'Quinn, Tavares Hamilton, Tyler Willis, Jamarion Ford, Trishtan Willis, Tiara Reed, Vonmeisha Harrison, and Daviahn Ervin competed at the varsity level.

    Special shout out to Coach Moilan and Coach Jackson (and his wife) for showing up to support our wrestlers on Saturday. When the dust settled and the podiums came out, 6 Western Hills Wrestlers remained. Tavares Hamilton (157 weight class - 4th place qualifier), Trishten Willis (190 weight class - 4th place qualifier), Alexis Yakobo (115 weight class - 5th place Alternate), Tyler Willis (165 weight class - 5th place alternate), Tiara Reed (132 weight class - 5th place alternate), and Vonmeisha Harrison (235 weight class - 5th place alternate). This group of wrestlers will have the opportunity of continuing the grind of training to prepare for the regional tournament held this upcoming weekend. 

    Thank you all for your support and special thank you to Mrs. Flores for support this week along with Mrs. Patty who keeps our kids from life's unfortunate struggles. 

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  • Paschal Round-Robin Tournament

    Posted by Coach Foster on 1/25/2024

    Last night, our wrestlers took a trip to Paschal High School and competed in a round-robin style tournament. This was our last look at the wrestlers inside Fort Worth ISD that we will stack up against next Saturday.  Our cougars showed up ready for the challenge.  We had three wrestlers who earned their first victories last night. Anyone who has ever grappled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling knows the first win lights a fire inside the athlete and makes them hungry for more. Congratulations to (first year wrestling) Vonmeisha Harrison, (first year wrestler) Daviahn Ervin, and (first year wrestler) Uriel Estrada for getting their first pins last night. 

    Next Saturday is the BIG DAY! We have prepared all year long for the District championships. You can come in 30 and 0 or 0 and 30, but if you lack the fire to win...you will lose. The pilot light is lit, and we are ready for the gas! GO Cougars!!!

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  • Euless Trinity Trojan Meet

    Posted by Coach Foster on 1/18/2024

    On Friday January the 12th, our wrestlers took off to Euless Trinity Trojan land to compete in one of the biggest tournaments of the year.  There were sixteen, 2023 State champions, and over thirty, 2023 State Medalists, competing in the tournament.  Not to mention several private school champions.  Our kids stepped on the mat with confidence and fire.  We took a lot of the state finalists three rounds even when we fell short of winning the match.  We have two weeks before the District meet.  Our kids are full of hype and ready to take the mat.

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  • Saint Mark's School of Dallas

    Posted by Coach Foster on 12/16/2023

    There is a lesson inside the furnace:

    This weekend we traveled to St. Marks school of Dallas to participate in one of the hardest tournaments of the season. There were 32 schools in attendance. We had a long talk about entering stat booster tournaments vs furnace tournaments. I told them about the lesson of the hammer and the nail. Some tournaments you will be the hammer and some you're the nail. In every match, you will win or learn. You never lose if you learned in the last match. 

    We had some wins, but we also had plenty of learning lessons. I'm proud of them because they knew the lessons only came with a furnace competition. They didn't back down from it. Hats off to those who competed. The road to state starts here!

    Day 2 Qualifiers
    Hamilton - Top 6
    Tristen Willis - Top 6
    Alexis Yakobo - Top 6

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  • Fort Worth Championship Tournament

    Posted by Coach Foster on 12/10/2023

    This week we had the privilege of participating in the Fort Worth Championship Wrestling Tournament.   Every FWISD school with a wrestling team was there competing for the rights to say "we are the best" in the district.  Dallas Samuell, Dallas Adamson, and Fort Worth Country Day also joined the competition and made the challenge of winning even more difficult.  I'm extremely proud of our kids.  They often walk into places being underestimated and come out on top of all previous expectations. 

    There are times on the mat you feel like quitting, your body is hurting, and you may even have scrapes and burns.  Your brain is telling you to quit, get pinned and give up.  Coaches are yelling at the top of their lungs, reminding you of different techniques and skills you may use to be successful.  The sweat is burning your eyes, and you look to the coach in your corner for sympathy.  Your coach responds to you with, "you have worked too hard to quit! If you want to win, you have to get up!"

    At that very moment, you have two choices: make excuses that lead to you losing or dig deep and find what you need to win.  These guys found what they needed to win and THAT IS NOT EASY. We are not satisfied, because the kids set a goal to make it to the STATE FINALS.  Monday we will be back in our sweats and working towards those goals.  Thank you all who have helped our athletes be successful in the classroom and on the mat.

    *Special thanks to Mrs. Patty and Cougar Corner.  We aren't successful without Cougar Corner 


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  • Tournament

    Posted by Coach Foster on 12/4/2023

    This past weekend our Cougar Wrestlers went to the top tournament in the area. They competed against multiple State/Regional qualifiers from last season.  Since the competition was so high, each wrestler had to step up their level of grit on the mat. 

    Our kids stepped up their confidence! We had some truly talented wrestlers, who were being complimented by referees, other coaches, and parents who attended the tournament. People see inner city kids at a wrestling tournament, and they assume their wrestling won't come with skill. This weekend, the Cougars put themselves in the District seeding conversation. 

    Tavares Hamilton, Raziel Gutierrez, and Tyler Willis are now on the radar. They showed skill, strength, and class on the mat this week. All three of these wrestlers beat one or two regional qualifiers from the 2022 season. I'm excited to watch them lead our team this year and build up kids for next season. 

    We have set up a recruiting corner in my classroom. What's in the corner??? There is info on every division 1, division 2, division 3, HBCU, and NAIA school with wrestling in the recruiting corner. I have challenged them to look through these schools, apply for admission, and contact coaches via setting up an X-page.

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  • Eaton Tournament

    Posted by Coach Foster on 11/27/2023

    Before Thanksgiving break, our cougar wrestlers took off to Eaton High School and competed in their first tournament of the season. They knocked off a lot of competition rust and ended the day on a good note. 

    We had several wrestlers who competed in their first wrestling tournament. Hats off to those young men and young women who had the courage to step on the mat. 

    Christian Chun
    Jamarion Ford 
    Oscar Guerra won his first match - Varsity 
    Trevor O'Quinn won his first match - Varsity
    Vonmeisha Harrison - first tournament Varsity

    Our veteran wrestlers came out with some big wins against regional and state qualifiers from the previous season. 

    Tavares Hamilton finished 4th overall in the 157 weight class.
    Raziel Gutierrez finished 5th overall in the 120 weight class. 

    We are jumping off to a good start! Thank you all for supporting our student athletes. 

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