• All injuries should be reported even if the injury is not apparent or the employee does not wish to seek medical treatment.
    • All injuries must be reported within 24 hours to the employee’s supervisor.
    • The supervisor must provide the Employees on the Job Accident Report form to the employee which should be completed at that time.
    • The supervisor is required to report the incident by completing the First Report of Injury and the Supervisor’s Accident Report. Now reported online with one form.
    • The First Report of injury and Supervisor’s Accident Report are available on the Fort Worth Independent School District website: www.fwisd.org
      • Select Departments
      • Select Workers’ Compensation
      • Select Report an Injury (*Please note only designated users will be able to submit the first report of injury and supervisor report online*)
      • Complete the Tristar Risk Management ITAKE Reporting Screen
      • Once the online form is completed hit SUBMIT at the top of the form
      • A message will indicate the report has been sent and a claim number will pop up
      • An email will also be sent with a copy of the report to the person who submitted the report.
    • It is no longer necessary to complete a paper First Report of injury or a paper Supervisor’s Report.
    • The First Report of Injury and Supervisor’s Accident Report will be submitted electronically to the Claims Administrator- TRISTAR Risk Management via the online report.
    • Completing the ITAKE Reporting screen will automatically complete the First Report of Injury and Supervisor’s Report.
    • The employee accident report must still be completed on paper and submitted via fax or email to TRISTAR Risk Management.
    • The employees on the job accident report form is located under the “report an injury” section, English and Spanish version.


    • If an employee wishes to seek medical treatment, the supervisor should provide the list of Medical Providers to the injured employee.
    • The list of clinics is located on the Workers’ Comp webpage, under Medical Providers.
    • The employee will select a clinic and present their FWISD badge upon arrival.


    • If an employee is given restrictions by a Workers’ Comp Medical Provider, the employee will need to provide a copy of the Texas Workers’ Comp Work Status report to the Health Services Dept to be cleared prior to returning to work. Health Services can be reached at 817-814-2990 or by email at emp.health@fwisd.org

    For assistance in reporting an injury, questions or concerns, please contact the Workers’ Comp Dept at 817-814-2250