Semi-Monthly Transition FAQs

  • The Semi-Monthly Transition FAQs will be updated periodically. 

Semi FAQs
  • 2024-25 Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule

  • Why is FWISD converting to semimonthly payroll?

  • What are the benefits of a semi monthly payroll?

  • When will semi-monthly payroll go into effect?

  • What is semi-monthly payroll?

  • What will the paydays be in semi-monthly payroll?

  • Who will be affected by the change to semi-monthly payroll?

  • Will there be any impacts to my paychecks?

  • How many paychecks will I receive with semi-monthly payroll?

  • When would we know what the paycheck amounts will be so we can plan appropriately?

  • Monthly vs Semi-Monthly Paycheck Example

  • Will my tax withholdings be affected?

  • Won't this affect the amount of taxes paid by each person? 1/2 of gross will put people in a lower tax bracket than a single amount. How will this be handled?

  • How will 403b and 457b deposits be affected?

  • How will this impact FICA Alt withholdings?