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    Patrick Bostice




    • Bio
      • Graduated from UNT
      • 2nd year at BMHS
      • Love to be a mentor to all students
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry 1


    Samuel De Valdenebro

            Samuel DeValdenebro  

    • Bio
      • "Educational Background
        2004 - 08 Baylor University, Bachelor of Arts – Pre-Med & International Studies
        2009 - 12 University of Texas, School of Public Health - Master of Public Health
        2012 - 15 UT Southwestern, Dept of Clinical Sciences, Population Sciences Division, Cancer Prevention Research

      • Teaching Background
        I have taught at Benbrook for the last 5 years. and in that time I have taught AP Biology, AP Statistics, Pre AP Geometry, Pre AP Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II, and AQR. Before teaching at Benbrook, I worked at The Princeton Review and Sylvan Learning while in college and grad school. This lead me to become a certified teacher for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT, as well as teaching at various ISDs in DFW and Houston under these two companies.

      • Benbrook is my home and I love being part if this faculty. I left Cancer Prevention Research looking trade my cubicle and lab for a more fulfilling profession, and I found that in Benbrook. Our students are a close family and our faculty a positive, dedicated team. Giving back to them is the reason I come in to teach everyday."

    • AP Statistics
    • Algebra 2


    Brady Donart 




    • Bio
      • I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in 2003 and received my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership in 2011 from the University of Texas at Tyler.
      • I am starting my 17th year and teaching and coaching. This year I am looking forward to the new challenge of teaching OnRamps College Algebra and the opportunities the class will provide the students.
      • I teach because I enjoy seeing students growing into young adults and to build relationships with students that help them become successful.
    • Geometry 1
    • Pre-AP Geometry 1
    • On Ramps College Algebra


    Syna Donart

            Syna Donart

    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Computer Information System from Missouri Valley College.  Masters of Science in Mathematics Texas Tech University.
      • This is my 16th year (City View JR/SR High, Hirschi High School, Wills Point, and Garland) of teaching and my 4th year at BMHS.  I look forward to the great people I work with and belonging to the community with my entire family. 
      • I teach because I like making a difference in young people's lives.
    • OnRamps Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment)
    • Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
    • Pre-AP Algebra 1


    Leticia Esparza




    • Bio
      • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences and Masters of Education in Administration & Supervision.
      • I have ten years of teaching experience.  I wanted to become a math teacher after being in college and realizing the world needs good math teachers.
      • I am the first out of the six kids in my family to go to college. Since I went, two of my other siblings decided to go to college. One earned a nursing degree and the other earned a teaching degree.
      • Key Club sponsor
    • Geometry 1
    • CPMATH 0361 Beginning Algebra
    • CPMATH 0362 Internediate Algebra


    Doug Heick 




    • Bio
      • Mr. Heick is a 25 veteran in education.  He has spent all 25 years teaching math in FWISD.  He started at Stripling Middle School then went to McLean Middle, South Hills High School and has been at Benbrook Middle/High since it opened in 2011.
      • Mr. Heick attended the University of North Dakota and received a Bachelor's of Science in Education.  He has been    awarded Teacher of the Year three times at three different campuses and won the Teaching Chair for Excellence in Math from FWISD.
      • When Mr. Heick isn't at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.  He enjoys playing golf with family and friends, attending Baylor games, watching sporting events, and camping.
    • 6th Grade Pre-AP
    • 7th Grade Pre-AP
    • 7th Grade Pre-AP Algebra I
    • 8th Grade Pre-AP Algebra I
    • 8th Grade Volleyball Coach


    Dave Koenig

          Dave Koenig

    • Bio
      • Mr. Koenig teaches the four-year entrepreneurship program (Principles, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, and Practicum) as well as Algebra I.  He attended Texas Tech University where he received his bachelors in Spanish, with minors in Music and Greek, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then went on to get a masters from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
      • Before becoming a teacher, he spent 15 years in marketing and design in a company he started with his wife. He has lived in Benbrook since 2009 and loves it here! You can find him around Benbrook and FWISD with his wife and children: at soccer games, choir concerts, and everywhere in between.
      • At BMHS, in addition to teaching, Mr. Koenig sponsors the classes of '20 and '22, the Bobcat Entrepreneurs, and the BMHS Esports club. He believes every students can succeed in college, career and community leadership, and works towards that goal.
    •  Pre-AP Algebra 1


    Christina LaMar




    • Bio
      • BS in Mathematics
      • 6 years teaching
      • I love when students finally understand a difficult concept.  I teach to help my students succeed.
    • Geometry-10th Grade
    • Algebra 1-9th & 10th Grade
    • PreAP Geometry-8th-10th Grade


    Melina Gonzalez

           Melina Gonzalez

    • Bio
      • Graduated from the University of North Texas.
      • 9th Year Teaching
      • I teach to inspire students to reach their fullest capability.
    • 8th Grade Math


    Stacy Marquiss




    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education in Math from Grand Canyon University.
      • I love the Benbrook community and the students who I have had the pleasure of teaching here.
      • I teach math in middle school because it is my passion and I love to work with students and to help them succeed.  I'm here to help shape the lives of each one that enters our classroom.
    • 6th Grade Math
    • 7th Grade Math


    Ryan Peterson




    • Bio
      • Mr. Peterson is a 10 veteran in education.  He has spent all 10 years teaching math in FWISD.  He started at Leonard Sixth Grade Center has been at Benbrook Middle-High since it opened in 2011.
      • Mr. Peterson attended the University of North Texas where he received a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and Texas Woman's University where he receiced a Master's of Arts in Teaching. He is currently working on his Ph.D in Curriculum Studies at Texas Christian University. He has been awarded Teacher of the Year the first year Benbrook Middle-High School opened and he also won the Teaching Chair for Excellence in Math from FWISD.
      • When Mr. Peterson isn't at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and their two dachshunds. He enjoys collecting vinyl records, playing piano, playing video games, and building with LEGOs.0
    • Mathematics Department Chair
    • 6th Grade Pre-AP Accelerated Math
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • Pre-Calculus


    Holli Swift




    • Bio
      • I graduated from Lamar University (after years of procrastinating) with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Sciences, with emphasis in Criminal Justice and Psychology. But math is my true calling. 
      • I am starting my fifth year in education; I spent the last four with Azle ISD. I chose Benbrook because this area chose me long ago. I love this community and I now want to know the people. 
      • "Many students give up because they were left behind at some point and that discouraged them from trying again. I want to give those students their confidence back. If I can find the gap, I can eliminate the gap, and put them on the right path again. That is why I'm here.
    • 6th Grade Pre-AP Math
    • 7th Grade Math


    Cynthia Thompson




    • Bio & Teaching Philosophy
      • Mrs. Thompson earned an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming from Del Mar College. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). She completed the University’s Mid-Level (4-8) Math Certification program. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from UTA.
      •  This is her third year as a full-time math educator, and her first year at BMHS. Previously, she taught 7th-grade on-level and Pre-AP math.  
      • She believes that all people are capable of learning. However, she holds to Albert Einstein’s theory that, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Her students are always admonished to “Show your work.”
    • 6th Grade Pre-AP
    • 7th Grade Math


    Jasper Manning




    • Bio
    • 6th Grade Math


    Arthur Wilbert

          (not pictured)

    • 7th Grade Math