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    Marcus Bryant

    (not Pictured)

    • Bio
      • Attended UTA and TWU
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Band Director
    • Classes
      • Band
      • Music Theory


    Ross Reinhart 

    (not pictured)       

    • Activities at BMHS
      • Assistant Band Director
    • Courses
        • Wind Ensemble
        • Concert Band
        • Beginner Band

     Deborah O'Brien 





    • Bio
      • I have my Bachelor of Music from UTA, my Masters of Music Education from TCU, and my Principal's Certification from UTPB in Odessa. I have had the pleasure of teaching Band, Mariachi, Guitar, Orchestra and was a professional performer back in the day. My first teaching job was at TCU as the departmental graduate assistant to the band and had a full-ride scholarship in music. I was fortunate to start my public school career teaching at Lee Senior High in Midland, TX where we went to State Marching contest, had bunches of All-Staters, and marched in the Presidential Inaugural Parade for George W. Bush. I played clarinet in the Midland/Odessa Symphony and Chorale while also teaching private clarinet and saxophone lessons in public schools in West Texas and at Midland and Odessa Junior Colleges where I had over 150 All-State clarinet and saxophone students. Many of my former students are music teachers, professional players, college faculty, and two students have their Ph.D. in Music. I taught at Texas Tech Band & Orchestra Camp for 15 summers as well as shorter times at Baylor University and West Texas A&M. I have adjudicated and taught the All-State 6A clarinets and picked the All-State clarinet cuts for TMEA many times. I was asked to take over Nimitz Jr. High Orchestra the third week of school, fell in love teaching orchestra, and will never go back. My orchestra at Nimitz taped for the State Honor Orchestra contest and we placed midway one year.
      • I am in my 37th year of teaching but only 30 for public schools.
    • Personal statement
      • I am proud to be a Bobcat because I enjoy the Benbrook community which I have been a part of since I was 10 and want to give back by teaching at BMHS.
      • I teach because I love to help foster the wonderful world of music to my students while helping them be the best they can be in life.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Orchestra Director
    • Classes
      • 9-12 Orchestra
        • Remind
          • Beginning Orchestra: @begrcool
          • Middle School (not beginner): @msorchrock
          • High School: @hsorchcool

    Elena Sanchez

    (not pictured)

    • Beginning Orchestra



    •  Bio
      • Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Oklahoma.
      • Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Louisville.
      • Doctorate of Music Arts degree in Voice from University of Texas, Austin.
      • Dr. Saenz Spearheads FWISD's educational partnership with NY Metropolitan Opera, via their "MET Live in HD Broadcast at a local theater.
    • Personal Statement
      • Dr. Emily Saenz is delighted to head the growing choir program at Benbrook Middle High School.  
      • Dr. Saenz finds deep joy and satisfaction in helping students to feel seen and loved using vocal music as a vehicle for self-expression.
      • She lives in Fort Worth with her husband Carlos, son Levi, and daughter Emerson.
    • Activities at BMHS
      •  Choir Director
    • Classes
      • Beginners (6th grade)
      • Advanced Middle School Treble
      • High School Non-Varsity
      • High School Advanced Varsity Treble
      • Show Choir
    • Remind
      • HS Choir: @bcchoirhs
      • MS Choir: @bcchoirms
      • Parents: @parentbcc
      • Mic Drop: @bccmics
    • Choir Website

    Jacob Brown

    Middle School Choir


    (not pictured)

    • MS Choir
      • AP Music Theory



    Tony Watson 




    • Bio
      • US Army 27 yrs
      • BMHS JROTC 5 yrs
      • Excelsior College
      • BS Military History
      • I love being a bobcat because it is yet another way to serve my community and give back to kids.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • JROTC Instructor
      • MS Girls Basketball Coach
      • 9th Girls Basketball Coach
    • Classes
      • JROTC
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 3rd Period: o22ejjy
          • 5th Period: wga363h
          • 7th Period: 77yihg4
          • 8th Period: h44rc7l
      • Miltary History
        • Google Classroom Code
          • 7i73lv4
      • Military Staff


    Michael Scahill

    Mercedes Simon 




    • Bio
      • BS Business Administration
      • 10 years at BMHS.  Love this community, school and really enjoy working with the entire staff at BMHS.
      • I love helping students discover their potential and truly want to be at a small positive aspect of their life.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • JCC Instructor
      • MS Girls Track Coach
      • Assistant MS Girls Soccer Coach
    • Classes
      • Junior Cadet Corps 6th, 7th, and 8th
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 1st Alpha Platoon/Period: mwvj5lq
          • 3rd Bravo Platoon/Period: pot4ogn
          • 4th Charlie Platoon/Period: f3hseq2
          • 7th Delta Platoon/Period: ylbzjls
          • 8th Echo Platoon/Period: 6uu2gt6
    • Google Site

    CTE  Career and Technology Education

    Jared Spoon




    • I graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in 2005 with degrees in both Spanish and Biology. Between the ages of 19-21, I lived in Patagonia, Argentina where I learned and mastered the Spanish language
    • Activities at BMHS
      • High School Boys Head Soccer Coach
      • High School UIL Spelling and Vocabulary Coach
      • Campus Technology Liaison
    • Classes
      • CTE
      • Boys' Soccer (Athletics)

    Jonathan Watson

    Jamie Krempa

    World Languages

    Vicki Wagner




    • American Sign Language
    • Classes
      • ASL 2
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1:eeb4m2d
          • Period 2: bpit6wo
          • Period 8: iyapqg4
      • ASL 1
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 3: 6c3nfyq
          • Period 4: s6elktp
          • Period 6: azsiywa
      • ASL 3,4
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 7: 3culygf




    Esoleta Lofton




    • Activities at BMHS
      • Girl's Athletic Coordinator

    Ashley Rodriguez


    • Activities at BMHS 
      • Head Cheer Coach
      • Head Girls' Track Coach
    • Classes
      • Physical Education     

    Frances Davies

    (not pictured)

    • Activities at BMHS
      • Head Volleyball Coach
    • Classes
      • Health
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 2nd period: loquhfq
          • 4th period: v7ghtcf
          • 6th period: c445a27
          • 7th period: sbmg23s
          • 8th period: 4ixmcig
    • Google Site

    Jeremy Kinder




    • Bio
      • 21 Years in the FWISD.
      • 16 years previously at Westpark Elementary; 3rd Year at Benbrook
    • Activities at BMHS
      • 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach
      • 7/8th Boys Track & Field Coach
    • Classes
      • 6th Grade Wellness
        • Google Class Codes
          • Period 1: 6h3tebj
          • Period 2: tpi5yed
          • Period 3: grmj4vg
          • Period 4: ixgryfr
          • Period 7: ikm2lju
          • Period 8: mzo2w4d
    • Google Voice
      • 682-747-6940
    • Google Site

    Mario Flores

           Mario Flores

    • Bio
      • Degree in Kinesiology from TCU; PE K-12 & Health K-12
      • I teach because every child deserves to learn, make mistakes, and have a voice. I teach because I love kids and I love the opportunity to help them grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.
      • I look forward to being a Bobcat because we have a great administration, faculty, and students.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • 8th Grade Soccer Coach
        • Remind: @boys8thgra 
      • JV High School Soccer Coach
        • Remind: @c6df4
    • Classes
      • 6th Grade Wellness
      • 7-12th grade Physical Education
      • Soccer Athletics
      • Google Class Codes:
        • 1st period: coocjyn
        • 4th period: b6gaybb
        • 6th period: wx75clx
        • 7th period: tglzqez
        • 8th period: hfbtjld
    • Google Site

    Marie Hamlett-Williams

    (not pictured)

    • Bio
      • I am a Graduate of Texas Womans University with a BS in Health Education, Grand Canyon University, MS of Education Curriculum & Instruction: Technology, MS of Education in administration from Concordia University-Austin
      • I am proud to be part of the Bobcat family and look forward to new school year. I want students to be excited about learning and be a great positive experience learners will always remember through their learning journey.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Tennis Coach
    • Classes
      • Health
      • OCI

    Inclusion Teachers

    Jaci Dingler


    • Activities at BMHS
      • Assistant Cheer Coach
      • Assistant Track Coach

    William Massey

    Laurie Klavenieks

    Misty Slater

    • Theatre/Drama     

    Eddie Holmes

    (not pictured)

    • Bio
      • I graduated from Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Texas and attended Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth where I received my BFA in Musical Theatre. I got a job teaching musical theatre at Casa Manana and found I had a passion for it so decided to get my alternate certification. I received certification in both Music K-12 and Theatre k-12. I began teaching in the Everman ISD but quickly made my way into Fort Worth where I have been ever since. I started as a middle school choir director, but I am also a church choir director and I direct a barbershop chorus so I decided that teaching Theatre would be fun and Benbrook was the right place for me! I love being a Bobcat because I love serving the community in which me and my family live.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Drama Club
    • Classes
      • MS I
      • MS II
      • MS III
    • Google Voice
      • 469-616-3979
    • Teacher Website: click here

    Kyle Pressley

    High School Drama/Theatre Teacher


    Mikki McCoy

    (not pictured)

    • Bio
      • I am a University of North Texas Graduate with a BA focused on Literature, History and Education. This is my 15th year of teaching a combination of ELA positions and AVID. As an AVID Coordinator headed into her 8th year in the position, I look forward to supporting ALL students and ALL staff in navigating this new educational normal. The BMHS Bobcat FAMILY is a perfect fit for me, as I see the the craft of teaching as an extension of my day to day life. I believe creating a sense of family and safety is key in leading our students to success. I am proud to be part a TEAM united in the same mission. Family ALL In!  
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Campus AVID Coordinator
      • United Voices for Change Sponsor
    • Classes
      • AVID 2
        • Remind
          • @6d2b672
      • AVID 3
        • Remind
          • @7eh6a6
      • AVID 4
        • Remind
          • @c3bda9

    Vanessa Adia

    (not pictured)'

    • Bio
      • BA, Texas Christian University and MSSW, University of Texas at Arlington; This is my 12th year teaching in Fort Worth ISD and my 4th year teaching AVID. I love working at my neighborhood and getting to see my students and their families in town. I teach because I believe that a quality public school education is fundamental in helping all children pursue their dreams.
    • Classes
      • AVID 
        • Google Class Codes
          • Period 1: 6ol3owq
          • Period 2: 6m4v2ru
          • Period 3: qm7flij
          • Period 4: bsnqekb
          • Period 6: x6j5a53
          • Period 7: 2kxybl5
          • Period 8- cwmtbn4
    • Google Voice
      • 682-207-8072
    • Google Site


    Bre DeVaul


    • Bio
      • Masters of Art degree from the University of Leeds, Leeds United Kingdom. 4th year in education 2nd year at Benbrook. I love teaching students about art and how to use it for future careers, and personal expression.
    • Classes
      • Drawing
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1: rfu5owz
          • Period 6: 2vgxyd7
      • Art 2
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: alyqcxf


          • Period 3: 4qzsddl

      • Art 2/3
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 8: 5zklgtk
      • Digital
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 5: 66ofwrg
      • AP 2D/AP Drawing
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 7: dps4zgl
    • Google Voice
      • 817-823-7590
    •  Google Site

     Heather Mason


    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of North Texas
      • 2nd-year teacher
      • I love being a Bobcat! Have been one since 2012 when my girls started 6th grade. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I'm Family All In always and Bobcat Nation proud!
      • I adore being around teenagers and I work at the best school! I enjoyed watching the students grow in their art skills and become more confident in their abilities. I also love watching the students mature from middle school to young adults about to take on the world.
    • Classes
      • Art 1
        • Remind: @masonart1
        • Google Class Codes:
          • 1st period: pe3kyrq
          • 2nd period: f452hsj
          • 5th period: 7trludx
          • 6th period: ch7sfv7
          • 7th period: ujttgh5
          • 8th period: gp6f6f3
      • Art 2-Sculpture
        • Google Class Code:
          • 3rd Period: rspuv7l  
        • Remind: @masonscu
    • Google Voice
      • 817-814-8378
    • Google Site

    Julia Sloan


    • Bio
      • BS, BFA, MEd - 28 years teaching, Art grades 3-12, 4th grade self-contained, 6th grade self-contained, Math 5th-6th, Social Studies 6th, Math Lead Content Teacher, Social Studies Lead Content Teacher - I teach because I love to learn!
    • Classes
      • MS Art I (6th-8th)
      • MS Art III (8th)
      • Google Class Codes
        • Period 1: ar3vztd
        • Period 2: tllrput
        • Period 3: 277nxlj
        • Period 4: h5uo32i
        • Period 6: flxvjlc
        • Period 7: hqgi36s
        • Period 8: dn65wtm
        • Office hours on Meet: sloanewsday

     Cole Wince




    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Minors in Art/Architectural History and Anthropology from Texas A&M University. 
      • Art instructor at Benbrook since August of 2018.  I look forward to being a Bobcat for the opportunity to teach the dedicated and awesome students that come to BMHS each year.  
      • I teach art because I believe that art and design is critical to learning, the human experience, enjoying the beauty in life, and in understanding the unique and diverse people and cultures found on our planet.
    • MS Art

    Credit Recovery

    Dustin Altmiller



    • Bio
      • B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from Texas Tech University. M.S. in Athletic Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. Starting my 17th year teaching and coaching and 7th year at Benbrook.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • I am the Offensive Coordinator for the Football Team and the Head Boy's Track and Field Coach.
    • Classes
      • WEB
    • Google Voice
      • 682-233-0767


    Wade Cribbs




    • Bio
      • Motivated teacher/coach who looks to help kids reach their potential every day
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Defensive Coordinator
      • Head Wrestling Coach