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High School Opportunities


    • Gold Seal Programs of Choice accept applications for ninth grade only.
    • All students participating in a high school Gold Seal Program have an opportunity to earn college hours through Dual Credit and/or advanced placement along with an industry certification or licensure.


    High school juniors or seniors may be eligible to earn college credit while they are still in high school by enrolling in Dual Credit courses and successfully completing the courses. Students can earn college credit through Tarrant County College and/or the

    UT OnRamps program.

    For additional information regarding either a Dual Credit program or admission into the campus Dual Credit academy, contact the high school College and Career Readiness Coordinator.


    • Limited to students with an overall B average (3.0 GPA)
    • Successfully complete all testing requirements
    • The TCC course load shall not exceed two (2) courses per semester
    • Bacterial meningitis vaccine required


    Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, under HB 5, students entering ninth grade are required to specify in writing the endorsement they intend to earn. To earn an endorsement, a student must earn at least 26 credits and meet the specified endorsement requirements. Endorsements include:

    • STEM
    • Business and Industry
    • Public Service
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Multidisciplinary Studies

    All Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice meet the requirements for at least one endorsement listed.


    As students move forward in their chosen Career and Technical Education career focus, they will begin to take advanced and technical courses that provide them with the knowledge and skills to take industry certification/licensure exams prior to or immediately upon graduation. In some cases, high school completion is one of the testing prerequisites. Other possible prerequisites for industry certifications include:

    • Completion of required curriculum, course, or training
    • Minimum age and/or education attainment
    • Minimum amount of working experience in a specific career field and/or job position
    • Taking certification exams in a predetermined sequence in order to obtain a specific certification

    The final step to receiving a certification or licensure is for students to successfully pass the certification exam with at least the minimum required exam score, which is predetermined by the certifying organization. If you have questions about certifications or licensures, please contact the high school College and Career Readiness Coordinator.