Ann Sutherland, 2nd Vice President - District 6

  • Ann Sutherland - 2nd Viice Presidernt

    First elected 2010; Term expires 2019

    Represented Schools:
    Alice Carlson ALC, Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary, Bruce Shulkey Elementary, J.T. Stevens Elementary, Westcliff Elementary, Westcreek Elementary, Woodway Elementary, McLean Middle, McLean 6th Grade, Wedgwood Middle, Wedgwood 6th Grade, South Hills High School, Southwest High School

    Educator, budget analyst


    Cell Phone:


    I have watched over our spending like a hawk, both as a board member and as a member of the FWISD Board Audit Committee.

    • I voted against the 2014-15 budget, adopted in June 2014, which included $30 million in unfunded spending increases.   My opposition resulted in the successful establishment of a revised budget.
    • I opposed management’s first bond proposal.  It would have raised property taxes by 14 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.  The revision saves taxpayers $300 million.
    • I criticized publicly the awarding of dozens of secret raises totaling millions of dollars annually, many of which were given without board knowledge. 

    Our classrooms are bogged down with testing and supervision.  Many Fort Worth citizens are unaware of the erosion of our classroom environment in the last few years.

    • The 2012 budget removed $25 million from our classrooms by increasing class size throughout the district.  These funds are now spent in the central office and for “help” at the school site.  The number of class size violations is now over 300, the highest ever.
    • We need more Programs of Choice.  Last year we had over 1000 students on the waiting list for Applied Learning Centers and Montessori schools.  At my request, another ALC is being established at J.T. Stevens.  We need more room in these two programs.
    • There are not enough substitute teachers.  My analysis has resulted in changes which result in fewer uncovered classes.
    • There is too much wasted class time.  We have too many  “staff development days” and too much testing.  My work has led to fewer missed days and reduced requirements for testing.

     Most recently I worked with three other board members successfully to rectify a potentially crippling error the FWISD board made in selecting our new superintendent.  Responding to an editorial request from the Star-Telegram, my written statement explained the reasons for our change in opinion regarding this candidate and gave others the courage to speak out.  We now are free to select a different candidate. 


    • Fort Worth Commission for Women
    • League of Women Voters of Tarrant County
    • Women’s Policy Forum of Greater Fort Worth, Board member
    • John Peter Smith Access Committee, appointee
    • Wedgwood South Neighborhood Association, member
    • Kennedy Fund, Founder