Registration Information

  • Do all new students who speak a language other than English need to be assessed?

    If there is a language other than English on either of the questions below AND have never been enrolled in a Texas school, then the answer is "Yes". Students who customarily speak or hear a language other than English in their home AND new to Texas need to go to the Center. Former students should contact the Center as staff will determine if an updated assessment is needed.

    1. What language is used in the child's home most of the time?
    2. What language does the child use most of the time?

    How long is the process?

    The time will vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the age of the student and the type of assessment needed to ensure the best possible program for the student. Parents, whose children are of primary school age, may be scheduled late morning or in the afternoon, since these assessments are not as long as for older students.

    What records pertaining to the student should parents bring to the Student Placement Center?

    • Proof of Age and Identity of Student
    • Immunization Record (must be current and translated into English before the registration process begins)
    • Proof of Address (utility bill or lease)
    • Report Cards (or any type of school records from previous school, if available)

    Parents may email or fax the required documents.


    Fax: 817.815.7705