• Teaching Chair Vanessa Adia Vanessa Adia
    Devon Energy Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary Science

    Benbrook Middle-High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 4
    Total Years in FWISD: 4

    Education:  Texas Christian University (2001) Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Philosophy; University of Texas at Arlington (2004) Master of Science in Social Work; Tarleton State University (2010) Alternative Certification- T-MATE Fort Worth ISD

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Fort Worth ISD T-MATE Intern of the Year (2011)
    Campus Grant Coordinator for $250,000 science grant
    Benbrook Middle-High School Science Team Leader
    Site-Based Decision Making Committee (2011-2014)
    Presenter at the Fort Worth ISD Educational Technology Conference
    Nominee for Benbrook-Middle High School Teacher of the Year (2013-2014)

    From Vanessa: “One of the reasons that my students have become more successful year after year is that I have made a shift from identifying learning barriers to seeking ways to support students in their individual struggles.  My approach is to engage the student and parents to become part of an educational team; I am the educator in the classroom, the student is the expert in his own learning style and the parents are the much-needed home support….The end result of empowering students is that they become more active agents of their own learning….As each school year ends, I am assured that my students have gained the skills and confidence to take charge of their academic future in any subject.”

    From her principal: “As the principal, I have had the opportunity to observe Ms. Vanessa Adia over the past year in her role as lead science teacher at Benbrook Middle-High School.  During this time, I have come to know a teacher who embodies the word dedicated leagues beyond any other I have worked with during my 20 years in education. ….Ms. Adia is held in high esteem by her colleagues on campus.  She served as the science department chair, leading the group in professional development learning communities.  In this role, it was Vanessa’s responsibility to hold data review sessions that I had the pleasure to attend.  The depth that she dug into with the science data was not only a strong show of her knowledge of the content, but it also displayed the passion she possesses for working and helping her fellow teachers.”  Mr. Richard Penland

    Teaching Chair Rogelio Alfaro
    Crescent Real Estate Chair for Teaching Excellence in Career and Technology Education

    Trimble Technical High School
    Total Years as a Teacher:  23.5
    Total Years in FWISD: 23.5     

    Education:  Tarrant County Junior College (1992) Associate Degree in Applied Science; University of North Texas (1992) Texas Educator Certification, Trades & Industrial

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Skills USA State Contest:  (Student Honors) 1st Place Pin in Automotive Refinishing & 3rd Place Pin in Collision Repair Technology (2014)
    Fort Worth I-Car Committee (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Body Repair) (2004-2011)
    AYES (Automotive Youth Educational Systems) Business & Council Committee (2000-present)
    CRIN (Collision Repair Instructors Network) (1998-1999)
    Skills USA (1991-present)

    From Rogelio: “It all started back in high school, when I was a 14 year old sophomore here at Tech.  I was taking body shop class …..Before you knew it, I was helping the upper-classmen with their work.  As a senior, I was walking down the sidewalk to my car with my body shop teacher, Mr. King.  He then grabbed my skinny neck and said, ‘You’re going to be teaching my class one day.’  That day came about seven and a half years later.  …I was inspired by Mr. King to become a teacher, and everything I do is for my students.  I jokingly told them that if I won the Texas Lotto, I would still be working as a teacher and we would not have to worry about having to work with a small budget.  Of course, they all just laughed about it, but you never know.  To work in the same school that I attended as a teenager just makes me proud.  That pride is what would make any teacher want to be the best in his field.”

    From a former student:  “Being a teacher is not only knowing what you’re teaching, but engaging the students in conversation and questioning.  When a teacher has engaged the students in learning no matter what the subject may be or whether or not it’s interesting, he or she has impacted that student’s life no matter how small it may seem.  Mr. Alfaro has reached and has gone further.  As a former student of his, I can proudly say he has impacted my life.  Being a woman trying to overcome the obstacles of what society defines as a masculine job that can’t be mastered by women made me stronger in life.  I can now say that I can do whatever I set myself to do and will not fail regardless of what others may say.”         Crystal Gutierrez

    Teaching Chair Jennifer Andrews-Cox Jennifer Andrews-Cox
    Sewell Lexus and Infiniti of Fort Worth Chair for Teaching Excellence in Humanities

    R.L. Paschal High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 8
    Total Years in FWISD: 4

    Education:  Austin College (1998) Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Austin College (1999) Master of Arts in Teaching

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    National Council of Social Studies Teachers
    Texas Council of Social Studies Teachers
    Social Studies Fort Worth ISD Cadre for Teacher In-Service Sessions (2013)
    Scholarship recipient for the Civil Rights Institute at the 6th Floor Museum.  (2013)
    Selected as a Citizen Archivist for the National Archives Fort Worth Branch Summer Session. (2012)

    From Jennifer: “I have assisted students with resumes, references and even have driven to job sites to talk with possible employees about my outstanding students.  I realize that nothing I have mentioned directly has to do with the government curriculum or my responsibilities in my contract as a classroom teacher, but these are the ‘real needs’ of so many of my students. …It is my belief that if more teachers concentrated on the student as a person and less of a person in a classroom seat, our students will overall be more successful.” 

    From a parent:  “Mrs. A-C is not only well-versed in the hard curriculum of her subject matter, but is also always on the lookout for ways to add to and enrich her teaching.  She brings the subject to life for her pupils by helping them understand the connections between history and government as taught in the classroom and events that are taking place in the world today.  Her approach to her subject matter has a vibrancy and immediacy that is unusual in a history/government high school classroom.” Ms.Susan Rogers

    Teaching Chair Sara Barnes Sara Barnes
    Freese and Nichols Inc. Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary Math

    Applied Learning Academy
    Total Years as a Teacher: 6
    Total Years in FWISD: 6      

    Education:  Millsaps College (2003) Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration; Tarleton State University (TMATE) (2009) Alternative Certification, Master’s in Education

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Campus Teacher of the Year (2013)
    Johns Hopkins University Instructor at the Center for Talented Youth (Summer 2013)
    Award Recipient for mentoring a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar (from  Duke TIP) (2011)
    Lifetime PTA Membership award for outstanding service to students and families
    National Council of Mathematics, member
    Association for Experiential Education, member

    From Sara:  “My message to teachers is to build relationships.  Get to know your students, colleagues, and parents.  Put effort into helping them find their strengths.  Open up the lines of communication and do not be afraid to ask for help.  Asking for help models to your students the importance of working with others and can even open up opportunities for students to step into leadership.  Plus, people genuinely feel empowered by helping others…The more teachers learn along with their students, the more likely students are to take responsibility of their own learning.”

    From her principal: “When asked about Sara, I often compare her to a sponge.  She is constantly asking questions and actively looking for ways to improve.  Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning of math is infectious.  She is never afraid to step outside the box of conventional teaching methods if it is a better way to teach a concept.  Whenever I see Sara on campus, she is always surrounded by a group of students working on one of the many projects she is overseeing.  I would love to clone Sara.  She is the epitome of a master math teacher.  It is obvious to everyone who meets her that she not only adores children, but she is passionate about the teaching and learning of math.”  Ms. Alice Buckley

    Teaching Chair Allyson Eaton Allyson Eaton
    Chase Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary English

    R.L. Paschal High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 22
    Total Years in FWISD: 8        

    Education: University of Texas at Arlington (1992) Bachelor of Arts in English

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Amherst College Swift Moore Teaching Award (May 2014)
    Stanford University Exceptional Teaching Recognition (Fall 2012)
    Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Scholar Teaching Award (2012)

    From Allyson: “I think really great teachers have an almost super-human ability to know which kids need a little something extra, which kids need them just a little bit more.  When I decided I wanted to be a teacher, this is exactly the kind of teacher I wanted to be.  I truly hope that this is the teacher I’ve become, and that I’ve lived up to the example my teachers set for me.  This is why I sponsor Student Council and take the kids to Washington D.C. as part of the Close Up Program, and why I sit on the sidelines in the hot Texas sun.  And because I know what it feels like to be on the other side, I do see the kids who need me and I cheer all the more loudly.”

    From his principal: “Ms. Eaton’s passion, innovation and dedication to her content, students and community are inspiring.  She sets high standards for herself, her students and her colleagues and then works hard to see that they are realized.  Moreover, she is constantly broadening her knowledge, improving her skills, and sharing with her peers what she has learned.  For example, she has presented Advanced Placement English and SAT material at the Citywide AP review sessions, and she has also led AP English sessions at Fort Worth ISD staff development sessions.  Allyson Eaton is an exceptional teacher and I am honored to be her principal.”  Dr. Terri Mossige

    Teaching Chair Kierra Edgar
    Kroger Chair for Teaching Excellence in Special Education

    Boulevard Heights
    Total Years as a Teacher: 9 
    Total Years in FWISD: 9    

    Education:  East Central University (2002) Bachelor in Business Administration; Tarleton State University (2012) Masters in Curriculum and Instruction; Lamar University (2013-current) pursuing Principal Certification

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Boulevard Heights Teacher of the Year (2009)
    Fort Worth ISD Teacher Selector
    Mentor Teacher
    Boulevard Heights Reading Chair
    Boulevard Heights Hospitality/Parent Committee Chair
    Site-Based Decision Making Committee (2008-present)

    From Kierra: “Although I would love for my students to attend college, it is not the reality for many of them.  My goal is to help them reach their highest quality of life.  A high quality of life looks different for each student.  Some students will have careers, some will volunteer at something they love, and for some students a high quality of life is being as independent as possible.  I have a huge responsibility to guide each student to reach his potential.  It is important that I never try to determine what their potential is, because I have no way of knowing. …Most people desire friendship, purpose in life and to feel valued.  My students are no different.  If I can simultaneously teach them to acquire friendship, purpose, value and academics, the sky is the limit for my students.” 

    From her principal: “Kierra is a bright, enthusiastic teacher who is always ready, willing and able to impact the lives of her students, their families and co-workers.  I know that I can always count on Kierra to make decisions based on what will serve the greater needs of her students and those of this school.  She is a tireless servant on a mission and she serves with inspiration and as a model to all who come into contact with her.  Kierra is a master teacher and leader….She is indeed a transformational leader.  In fact, I believe that she has a gift for leadership that exceeds anyone else I have had the opportunity to work with.”   Mr. Paul Kaufman

    Teaching Chair Todd Hepworth Todd R. Hepworth
    XTO Chair for Teaching Excellence in Early Childhood Education

    Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center
    Total Years as a Teacher: 7
    Total Years in FWISD: 7

    Education:  Ricks College (1990) Associate of Arts and Sciences; Boise State University (1992) Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Linguistics; Academy of Military Science (1995) Commission:  U.S. Air Force Officer; University of Texas at Arlington (2007) Texas Educator Certificate; Teachers College at Columbia University (2013) Certificate in Early Childhood Reading and Writing

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    National Association for the Education of Young Children, member
    Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, member
    Mentor for new applied learning teachers at J.T. Stevens Elementary
    Grade level team leader at Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center
    Professional development presenter for Fort Worth ISD
    Boy Scouts of America:  Recognition for 25 years of service; Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Cubmaster, Den Leader
    United States Air Force:  Air force Achievement Medal, Air force Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Service Medal
    181st Airlift Squadron:  Officer of the Year Award

    FromTodd:  “I became a teacher to change the world.  It’s cliché.  It’s naively idealistic.  I know.  But it’s still my vision and my work. …I’m a kindergarten teacher.  I’ll change the world by teaching five-year-olds how to respect the differences of their friends, how to share their tools, and how to all be on the same playground without hurting each other.  I hope those lessons will become part of who they are.  I hope that when they become grownups, they’ll succeed in establishing peace.  I hope they won’t have to pay the high cost of war.  …We follow our visions, we stoke the fire that got us into this profession, we work in the medium of human achievement, and we create our masterpieces.” 

    From a former parent and colleague:  “Todd works tirelessly to develop instruction and curriculum that provides students with inquiry and enrichment opportunities that coincide with the interests and curiosities of the children.  He uses these opportunities as the vehicle for teaching the core curriculum—providing students with real world experiences.  I cannot imagine a better person working with young children.  He is well known throughout Fort Worth ISD as a master early childhood teacher.”   Tyler Dean

    Teaching Chair Ramon Nino Ramon Niño III
    Bayard H. Friedman Chair for Teaching Excellence in Performing Arts

    North Side High School
    Total Years as Teacher: 11
    Total Years in FWISD: 11     

    Education: Texas A&M University- Kingsville (2013) Bachelor of Music

    Special Achievements by Students under Mr. Niño’s Leadership:

    TMEA Region 7 All-Region Band:  3 students selected (2012); 1 student selected (2013)
    TMEA All-Area Band:  3 students selected (2012); 1 student selected (2013)
    TMEA Region 7 All-Region Jazz Band:  1 student selected (2012)
    Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest:  9 students selected (2012); 6 students selected (2013); 2 students selected (2014)
    DFW All-Metroplex Mariachi:  11 students selected (2010)
    TMEA Region 7All-Region Mariachi:  19 students selected (2011); 20 students selected (2012); 18 students selected (2013); 19 students selected (2014)
    Fort Worth ISD Mariachi Extravaganza:  Varsity First Division (2005-2008) & (2010-2013); Junior Varsity First Division (2012); Best in Class High School Mariachi (2011-2013)
    MASBA Texas High School Mariachi Competition:  First Division & 3rd Place State Finalist (2011); First Division and 4th Place State Finalist (2012); First Division & 4th Place State Finalist (2013); First Division & 2nd Place State Finalist (2014)
    Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference:  Student Showcase Performance & 3rd Place Open Class Competition (2011); Student Showcase Winner (2013)
    Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute:  Vocal Champion & Vihuela Award (2012)
    Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque:  Guitar student selected to Masterclass Ensemble & 1st Place High School Mariachi (2014)

    Mr. Niño’s Awards & Recognitions:

    Convention Clinician, Texas Music Educators Association (2014)
    Convention Co-Clinician, Texas Music Educators Association (2013 & 2014)
    Campus Teacher of the Year, North Side High School (2014)
    Hispanic Heritage Award Recipient from United Hispanic Council of Tarrant County

    From Ramon: “If my students can leave my mariachi program with the ability to never give up, with the ability to give their all in whatever they do and the willingness to be held accountable for all that they do, I see nothing other than a successful student walking out of the halls of North Side High School.  To me, the skills the students will learn in mariachi are beyond measure or value.  They are the skills that will make them the successful student I know they can be.  They are the skills that will be used by my students to make me proud to have been part of their lives.”

    From a colleague: “Ramon Niño.  That name around North Side High School means a great deal.  Not only is he our mariachi teacher, he is the former band teacher and even the drill team sponsor.  Niño goes the extra mile to teach his kids and to reach his kids and allow them to express themselves creatively in the arts.  He fundraises to help them travel outside of their normal living environment to compete.  He exposes them to greatness, variety and differences.  He allows them to grow as individuals and as students.  I am very proud to work with such a sacrificial teacher who really has a passion and zeal for his students and his content which transcends the classroom.  He inspires me.  And, he is always smiling, peppy and energetic.”  Ms. Monita Vining Sharpe

    Teaching Chair David Orona David Orona
    Angela D. Paulos Chair for Teaching Excellence in Visual Arts

    Manuel Jara Elementary School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 5
    Total Years in FWISD: 5

    Education:  Texas Christian University (1987) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Dallas Society of Visual Communications
    Dallas Society of Illustrators
    National Art Educators
    Received several awards in advertising for graphic design, commercial illustration and broadcast
    Community service recognition and awards for ARC of Dallas, OLCS Hispanic Outreach Program and church
    Manuel Jara art students won “Best of Show” in the Fort Worth ISD Elementary Art Show two years in a row (2013-2014)
    All Manuel Jara students who competed in 2014 UIL Art History Regional Competition placed in the top five spots

    From David: “I teach so that my students can learn and discover that great promise of excellence each one of them holds within themselves.  I teach with the purpose that each of my students will learn to not give up, to challenge, to embrace competition and to take pride in their many gifted talents.  I teach so that my students will always have high expectations of themselves, as I do of them each and every day….  I am humbled to be of service to our kids, providing them that all much needed time to express themselves creatively, finding purpose in their learning and enabling them, through their art, to discover the genius each one of them has to accomplish excellence.” 

    From his colleague: “Mr. Orona is the ultimate art teacher!  Manuel Jara is so blessed to have such an amazing artist share his talents with our students.  He is always coming up with creative ideas that incorporate art into the core subjects to support the classroom teachers.  Mr. Orona is always going above and beyond with his talents and generous heart.  I’m in awe over the student products that come out of the art classes.  Our faculty is amazed at the energy that Mr. Orona puts into his work and the love that he has for our students.  …I’ve never met someone with a bigger heart for teaching and for wanting only the best for our students.  He is definitely a huge asset for our campus.” Lisa Fisher

    Teaching Chair Kathy Petry
    Outreach Communications Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Reading

    Morningside Elementary School
    Total Years as a Teacher:  26
    Total Years in FWISD:       18          

    Education:  Western Michigan University (1971) Bachelor of Arts in Education; Texas Women’s University (1997) Reading Recovery Certification

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    International Reading Association, member
    Parent Teacher Association, member
    Morningside Elementary Teacher of the Year (2011)
    Recipient of Peak Value Added Incentive (2008-20111)
    Recipient of RISE (Redesign to Increase Schools of Excellence) Award (2011-2014)

    From Kathy: “Teaching is not just what I do; it is who I am.  I measure my accomplishments not by awards, monetary remuneration, or recognition, but by the direct impact I have on my students’ lives.  If I help my students attain only a year’s growth in reading, I have failed.  My students begin the year at least one, if not two years behind their peers.  My goal is to accelerate them so they catch up with their classmates.  …I credit my intentionality and intensity for my success in teaching.  I only have 45 minutes with my students each day, and I cannot afford to waste even a second.  I have learned how to manage my time wisely and expeditiously, select the most effective activities, and ensure that I am meeting the needs of each student.” 

    From a former parent: “When our daughter was recognized as needing help with reading skills, I was immediately comforted by the staff at our school.  They told me that we have a secret weapon at Morningside Elementary: Mrs. Petry!  Teachers told me not to worry and that she would help my child because she is amazing at her job.  She is well-loved by all the staff and a cherished part of the faculty.  I do not know how to better express the level of respect and gratitude I have for this amazing educator.  Mrs. Petry helped to give my daughter the gift of words; and if you can read anything, you can learn anything.”   Carrie Wilt-Mills

    Teaching Chair Stephanie Poe Stephanie Marie Poe
    Lockheed Martin Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Math

    Cesar Chavez Elementary School
    Total years as a Teacher: 6
    Total years in FWISD: 6

    Education:  Texas Christian University (2008) Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    UIL Coordinator
    Invention Convention Coordinator
    Math Club Founder and Sponsor
    New Teacher Mentor
    Student Teacher Mentor
    Site Based Decision Making Committee Chair
    Lead Teacher Chair, 3rd grade and 4th grade

    From Stephanie: “I establish an early on relationship as a supporter, encourager and believer in my students.  Once they are math believers, then I take on the long road to make them math achievers.  My best approach is taking a deep look at these students, back tracking and taking the math that once made no sense to them and building a true conceptual understanding, all the while making learning fun and meaningful to them.  Knowing that not all students learn the same, I do my best to differentiate and offer a variety of approaches for multiple intelligences.  Students need to be given the chance to touch it, see it, hear it, talk about it, represent and model it…and even teach it before ever truly understanding.”

    From her principal: “Mrs. Poe consistently engages all students and helps them reach their full potential.  I have had the privilege of working with Mrs. Poe to see how she builds relationships with students, holds them accountable for their learning, and provides constant challenge and support.  Mrs. Poe does not expect for students to arrive in her classroom ready to adapt to her style; rather, she adjusts her style to match the needs of the students.  She views every challenge as an opportunity to improve her knowledge and skills as a teacher.”     Ms. Monica Ordaz

    Teaching Chair Lester Sipma Lester Sipma
    Lockheed Martin Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Science

    George C. Clarke Elementary
    Total years as a Teacher: 20
    Total years in FWISD:      19

    Education:  State University of New York at Cortland (1991) Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts; State University of New York at Courtland (1994) Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education in Spanish

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Real School Gardens, Garden Coordinator of the Year (2014)
    Teacher of the Year at George C. Clarke Elementary (2003 and 2013)
    Selected by Cornell University to participate in their Celebrate Birds Study (2014)
    PTA Lifetime Membership and Appreciation

    From Lester: “By teaching subjects in context, my students are excited about learning. Nearly every day at dismissal, a student will tell me that they want to stay in school and learn more.  My students are members of the Sid the Science Kid Bug Club.  We know the secret handshake and we learn something ‘cool’ every day.  My students are junior ornithologists.  They learned to make observations, record data and draw conclusions from their participation in the Cornell University Celebrate Birds bird watching study.  By learning to love school in their early childhood, I believe my students will be successful in their academic future.  I think the learning experiences in which my students participate will close the achievement gap.”

    From his principal:  “Every day in room 109, or in one of the gardens, the hall, or any other teachable place, Mr. Sipma and his students can be found engaged in scientific discovery.  Under the guidance of their very talented and dedicated teacher, five-year olds can define and explain ‘inertia’ because they made a safety harness for a teddy bear so ‘he wouldn’t fall off of his skateboard.’  On multiple occasions, I have found myself joining amazed parents as we learn along with the children, forgetting that we are not the children, yet wanting to join the lesson with wide eyes and open minds.” Ms.Kimberly Benavides

    Teaching Chair Laura Woerner Laura Woerner
    Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Chair for Teaching Excellence in Health and Physical Education

    South Hills High School
    Total Years of Teaching: 11
    Total Years in FWISD: 5

    Education:  University of Texas at Arlington (2003) Bachelor of Arts in English & History

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Student Leadership Committee, lead teacher
    Head Coach, Girls’ Softball Team
    High School Coaches Association, member
    Texas Girls Coaches Association, member
    District 7-5A Softball Chair
    Lead Teacher for South Hills Physical Education Team

    From Laura:  “…I ask myself these questions every lesson: How can I bring the lesson alive and how can I best reach each student in my class?  How can I help my students achieve success while still having fun?  This is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching.  I always think back to the best teacher I have had, Mrs. Shuffler.  She was a history teacher and each day she came in costume or designed games for us to play to make history as interesting to us as it so obviously was to her.  I realize only now what type of effort she made each day to make this happen.  You have to leave your students wanting more.  If you can leave at the end of the day and feel you have accomplished this, you are a success.”

    From a colleague:  “Laura has great rapport with students and staff at South Hills High School.  She has been selected by our principal to lead our Student Leadership Committee because of the relationships she has built with the kids at South Hills.  She has plans to bring more school spirit to South Hills and to encourage all kids to get involved with activities at school.  Laura is a ‘first class’ teacher and leader at South Hills High and is the epitome of what a physical education teacher should be for high school students.”  Donna Warner

    Teaching Chair Brian Wooddell Brian Wooddell
    RadioShack Chair for Teaching Excellence in Acquisition of Language

    Trimble Technical High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 4
    Total Years in FWISD: 7

    Education: Texas Christian University (2006) Bachelor of Science in Journalism; Brite Divinity School (2009) Master of Theological Studies

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Association of Professional Educators
    Society of Professional Journalists
    Teacher of the Month (October 2012)

    From Brian: “Viewing education as a journey requires teachers to incorporate their humanity into the endeavor.  Teachers aren’t robots; neither are we knowledge dispensaries.  We’re equipped to use formal tools- textbooks, curricula- but we must also make education personal, both for us and for our students.  …If we’re not knowledge dispensaries, our students aren’t knowledge repositories.  Teachers must remember that education changes people in a real and fundamental way.  By sharing tidbits from our educational journeys, we can encourage students to keep pondering and processing.  The goal is not for them to think like we do, but to formulate their own views and opinions in light of the facts.”

    From his principal:  “This letter is an easy letter to write because Brian is a young man who should be recognized for his extreme loyal dedication to his students and to the campus.  …I soon got to know Brian not only as a staff member, but as a person who is relentless in his belief that he can change the world through this wonderful profession of ours.  Over the past 13 months, I have also seen this young man contribute his time and talents to continue to move the Trimble Tech High School forward toward academic excellence.”   Mr. E. Omar Ramos