• Julianne Barrett Julianne Barrett
    Lockheed Martin Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Science

    Learning Network 1 Specialist
    Total years as a Teacher: 5
    Total years in FWISD: 5  

    Education: Dallas Baptist University (2008) Bachelor of Science in Biology; University of Texas-Arlington (2013) Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    National Science Teachers Association
    Science Teachers Association of Texas

    From Julianne: “As an educator, I make it my mission each day to change someone’s life. Because I possess a passion for science, I find it very easy to inspire others to love science as I do. Being in education, I have also found that the students have changed my life. Each day they give me new challenges to solve, and I take on those challenges very seriously. Each child needs a hero. They need someone to believe in and someone to believe in them. Heroes never fail, always find solutions, and never give up. Heroes can always be counted on. Let’s never forget that we, as educators, are our students’ heroes.”

    From her Leadership Director: “Ms. Barrett devotes time researching ideas, creating systems for communication and delivery of material so teachers will best be able to apply and take ownership for their learning and teaching. She comes prepared and ready to share best practices in the area of science to every data meeting, teacher planning meeting, and district professional development session. Mrs. Barrett holds high expectations for all teachers and students, regardless of their socio-economic background. She leads with a sound understanding of instruction and working with others to a common vision.”    Karen Molinar

    Teaching Chair Clyde Berry Clyde Berry
    Sewell Lexus and Infiniti of Fort Worth Chair for Teaching Excellence in Humanities

    Amon G. Carter-Riverside High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 12
    Total Years in FWISD: 3      

    Education: Longwood College (1998) Bachelor of Arts in English; Old Dominion University (2000) Master of Science in Education; Texas Woman’s University (2014 pending) Master of Arts in Drama

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Theater Arlington Board of Directors (2011-2013)
    Column Awards Board of Directors (2011-2012)
    Produced two public performances in 2012-2013, the first at Carter-Riverside High School in more than a decade
    Produced the first musical in over 30 years at Carter-Riverside High School (2013)

    From Clyde: “Our students are our future. I am tasked with making them thinkers, dreamers and problem solvers. Our students need to believe that they have the power and tools to change their lives and their surrounding into something better. The humanities can transform, inspire, motivate, comfort, or thrill. The only true way to have students understand this process is to have them both participate within and be a patron of the arts. Therefore, I bring a steady stream of guest artists into my classroom from as wide a net across Fort Worth as I am able to cast.”

    From a former student: “With only a cast of three, two technicians, and no understudies, he molded us and our performance into the best (one-act) play that Carter-Riverside High School had seen in years. We not only advanced once, but two times, going all the way to area competition, something that Carter-Riverside High School had never done before in the 76-year history of the school. He is a fun teacher, but he is also strict. Mr. Berry has high standards and expectations because he knew what we, his students, were capable of doing, though we often didn’t’ know that of ourselves.”   Freddy Martinez, Jr.

    Teaching Chair Erin Blythe Erin R. Blythe
    Angela D. Paulos Chair for Teaching Excellence in Visual Arts

    Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences
    Total Years as a Teacher: 6
    Total Years in FWISD: 6      

    Education: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1997) Bachelor of Fine Arts; University of North Texas (2011) Master of Arts in Education

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Department Chair, South Hills High School: 3 years
    Advanced Placement Teacher of the Year, South Hills High School (2009)
    Annually chosen as a mentor teacher for FWISD, TCU and/or UNT
    Published an article for TRENDS publication
    Selected for the Student Art Working Program at the Kimball Art Museum for 7 years

    From Erin: “I feel very strongly about teaching visual arts to all students. I want to instill a lifelong appreciation for the visual arts in each of them. As they grow into our future, they will be responsible for carrying the torch and it is imperative they understand the arts in relation to our human past and present. This deep understanding of how the visual arts continues to teach us about who we are and where we come from also teaches students empathy, which is so lacking in our world today. If we could teach our children how to empathize with the artist, we have facilitated a brighter future…Art lends itself to diversified learning. Show, tell, do; and then do it again in a different way!”

    From her principal: “Mrs. Blythe is not only a fantastic teacher of traditional art, but she is innovative in how art can be taught in various situations. Mrs. Blythe has taken a group of students interested in science and has created learners and lovers of art. She continues to strive to improve her classes, her students, and indeed has taken an active interest in school improvement and excellence. Our students admire her for her honesty and hard work, and students who might never connect with the world of art are making connections and are engaged in the process.”   Troy Langston

    Teaching Chair Andrew Brinker Andrew Brinker
    Devon Energy Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary Science

    R.L. Paschal High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 6
    Total Years in FWISD: 6    

    Education: Michigan State University (2001) Bachelor of Science in Zoology; Texas Christian University (2004) Master’s in Biology

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    National Association of Biology Teachers
    The May 2012 issue of The American Biology Teacher posted Andrew as their cover photo\
    Published a paper in the September 2012 issue of The American Biology Teacher
    Member of Texas Math and Science Coaches Association and writes the biology portion of the 12 annual competitions

    From Andrew: “In order to use the new technology in the classroom, educators must become familiar with it. iPhones, for example, are amazing tools which can be utilized by students in many ways to improve learning. One of my favorite apps is LEAF SNAP, which allows you to identify trees by taking a photo of their leaves! I have also done labs using a GPS app to map tree species on Google Earth. When we get to the study of insects, instead of having students collect and preserve the animal, I have them take a photo and write the order and other data on the photo itself (using phones). If students are encouraged to use their ‘digital toys,’ they respond very enthusiastically.”

    From his principal: “Mr. Brinker clearly understands his content and the learning process. As a result, he delivers superb lessons to students and student engagement is heightened. He is actively working with other science teachers both in and out of our community to improve his craft, thus providing multiple learning opportunities for Paschal students. His flexibility in working with students, teachers and the public has earned him and enviable reputation as an excellent teacher who truly cares about teaching and people.”   Dr. Terri Mossige

    Teaching Chair Ian Connally Ian Connally
    RadioShack Chair for Teaching Excellence in Acquisition of Language

    R.L. Paschal High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 3
    Total Years in FWISD: 3

    Education: University of Texas-Arlington (2001) Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies; University of Texas-Arlington (2005) Master of Arts in Linguistics

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    ACTFC- American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language
    TFLA- Texas Foreign Language Association
    AATG- American Association of Teachers of German
    LSA- Linguistic Society of America

    From Ian: “Every day, I strive to create in my classroom an atmosphere where every student is treated respectfully, no matter what. I face the challenges one at a time, in my room, student by student. At every level, we focus on communicating ideas, on collaborating on projects, debates, readings and even games; we challenge each other to improve. In taking a group to Germany each year, I directly connect the classroom to the real world- even for the students who do not go, the subject becomes much more relevant as they meet Germans and hear stories of the other kids’ travel.”

    From his principal: “Ian has an excellent rapport with his students and shows a sincere interest in them as individuals. His students like and respect him and are pleased to be in his class. Last year, Mr. Connally worked closely with Dr. Teri Blaisdell, PHS English department chair, to create the first ever Partners in Purple (PIP) talks to engage our students in TED talk opportunities. Students had opportunities to investigate an issue they cared deeply about and present this to judges by presentation or documentary style. Each of the presentations is a testament to the capabilities of our students to complete higher level learning activities…”   Dr. Terri Mossige

    Teaching Chair Lindsey Hammonds Lindsey Hammonds
    Target Chair for Teaching Excellence in Library Information Science

    Trimble Technical High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 12
    Total Years in FWISD: 8  

    Education: Texas Woman’s University (2001) Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders; Texas Woman’s University (2008) Master’s of Library Science

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Texas Library Association
    Site-Based Decision Making Committee
    School Partnership Coordinator
    Campus Teacher of the Year Nominee

    From Lindsey: “It is our job as librarians, to now teach the students how to assess and sort through this broad range of information. We need to teach them what is going to be most useful and relevant to the project at hand. Librarians will now be teachers of the digital age, and our role as educators will be more vital than ever. Literacy is the key to our students’ success. It is our job to facilitate the learning process and we are in a position to become key players in their academic careers.”

    From her principal: “Lindsey has done an outstanding job of working collaboratively with every department and individual teachers to ensure that all students benefit from their high school experience. Ms. Hammonds is a student and teacher advocate. She works hard to ensure that all students are learning and works even harder to make sure that our teachers have the necessary resources…The other exciting program that Lindsey sponsors is the Millionaire’s Club. This club celebrates and provides incentives to all students who successfully read books throughout the year and have accumulated over one million words read.” – Omar Ramos

    Teaching Chair Tiya Major Tiya Major
    Kroger Chair for Teaching Excellence in Special Education

    Boulevard Heights
    Total Years as a Teacher: 6
    Total Years in FWISD: 4    

    Education: Texas Wesleyan (2010) Bachelor of Psychology; WGU (2012-present) pursuing Master’s in Special Education.

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    UEA representative for Boulevard Heights
    Campus Teacher of the Year 2012-2013
    Initiated the practice of making home visits with parents of all students

    From Tiya: “What is most essential is often difficult to measure as an educator. Moreover, education geared toward students with intellectual disabilities exceeds simple lesson plans. Exposing my students to adulthood early on increases their chance of having a meaningful and enriched life. My students and family members entrust me…With that being said, my job as a teacher goes far beyond the four walls of my classroom. I extend my loving and caring hands as a guide from one transition into another. Efforts and endless encouragement from staff, parents and community leaders exhibit not the limitations, but the different levels of success.”

    From her principal: “She is steadfastly student-centered and is one of the most consistent voices on our campus for respectful and appropriate treatment of students. Under her leadership, the high school team has established a practice of doing home visits with the parents of each student. As our school serves the entire district, this has been invaluable in developing and maintaining relationships with parents who may not have transportation to come to school to discuss concerns.”   Paul Kaufman

    Teaching Chair Michael Tyler Mimms Michael Tyler Mimms
    Chase Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary English

    Arlington Heights High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 16
    Total Years in FWISD: 14        

    Education: University of Central Arkansas (1994) Bachelor of Arts in English; Baylor University (1999) Master of Arts in English; University of Texas-Arlington (2003) teaching certification

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    College Board member
    Assisted with development of Gold Seal Program of Choice, Heights Academy
    Curriculum writer for Advanced Placement English 2011
    Whiz Quiz team Coach
    UIL Literary Criticism and Spelling/Vocabulary Coach

    From Michael: “I am always focused on the end goals for my students in class. I believe these goals are three-fold. First, I must actively prepare the students to be successful on the AP exam, but do not think of this an oft-cited example of ‘teachers teaching to the test.’ Second, I rigorously prepare my students to meet the challenges of college which has become a growing priority in our world. Finally, my end goal is an abiding love of our language and literature. …I believe the study of literature to be immensely valuable to students. I may be biased (I probably am) but no other subject can teach you more about the human condition, what it means to be truly human, and how to be a better person than the study of literature.”

    From his principal: “The real evidence that Mr. Mimms would be an outstanding choice for this award come from speaking to his students. Some of their comments include words such as ‘inspiring,’ and ‘creative.’ When I have met individually with Mr. Mimms, I have been taken with the way he approaches issues. He is creative and uses unique ways to solve problems. From District curriculum writer, to qualifying for Regional UIL competitions in Literary Criticism and Spelling/Vocabulary, his extensive experience makes him well qualified, and in my opinion, deserving of this honor.”   Sarah Weeks

    Teaching Chair Eric M. Mullins Eric M. Mullins
    Bayard H. Friedman Chair for Teaching Excellence in Performing Arts

    Western Hills High School and Benbrook Middle School

    Total Years as Teacher: 11
    Total Years in FWISD: 6      

    Education: University of Texas-Arlington (2001) Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification

    Special Achievements by Students under Mr. Mullins’ Leadership:

    Western Hills High School Marching Band UIL first Division (Superior) at Region 7 Marching Contest – 5 years
    Western Hills High School Wind Symphony UIL First Division (Superior) in Concert & Sight-reading – 5 years
    Western Hills High School Jazz Band Grand Champion TCC/Wesleyan/Highlander Jazz Festival
    Multiple students earning positions in the All-District, All-Region, All-Area, and the Texas All-State Band
    Five students receiving Commended Honors Soloist awards from the Mark of Excellence-National Wind Band Honors

    From Eric: “Students who participate in the band program are not necessarily learning how to play a musical instrument; they are learning how to contribute to society in a positive way. Studies show that students who participate in music education, and more specifically performance classes, score better on standardized tests and make better grades in the ‘core’ education course that their non-musical counterparts. Students learn musical skills and expand their creative minds to develop their aesthetic potential, which is essential to the development of the whole person.”

    Recognition by a student: In a Facebook challenge called the “30-Day Picture Challenge, Mr. Mullins saw that one of his former students on Day 16, “A Picture of Someone Who Inspires You,” had posted his picture, with this quote, “The Mullinator. He always inspired me to do everything to my best. Gracias Senor.” From Eric: “These are my proudest professional achievements, not necessarily any of the trophies on the shelf or professional honors…”

    Teaching Chair Shannon Oden Shannon Oden
    Crescent Real Estate Chair for Teaching Excellence in Career and Technology Education

    Trimble Technical High School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 7
    Total Years in FWISD: 4    

    Education: FIDM (1987) A.A. Design; Texas A & M (2013) Teaching Certification; Texas A & M (2010-present) Instructional Training and Design

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    National Art Educators Association
    National Association of Photoshop Professionals
    Awarded a $40,000 grant in 2011 to spearhead career and technical programs for middle school students in Northern California

    From Shannon: “So, I focus heavily on teaching them (the students) everything I know with a hands-on approach, guided practice, walking with them, offering suggestions on subject material and assisting them with composition techniques. I love taking them on walkabouts around the school because I can guide them and open their eyes to subject material they might oversee while giving them immediate feedback on their images and work they show me on their cameras. It really helps them gain confidence when they can get that level of reinforcement and instant feedback. “

    From a colleague: “In the three years that she has been on our campus, Oden has taken some perfunctory photography classes and spearheaded them into a prominent CTE commercial photography program. She and her students’ inaugural edition of Through the Lens of 178, Trimble Tech’s photography portfolio collection, was a breath of fresh air. The 102- page publication not only signaled her arrival, but her definitive direction. Fast forward three years, and it’s obvious that the award-winning photography showcased in the current issue is indicative of Oden’s vision to steer her students to produce a dynamic and captivating product.”   Anne B. Oswalt

    Teaching Chair Ryan Peterson Ryan Peterson
    Freese and Nichols Inc. Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary Math

    Benbrook Middle School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 5
    Total Years in FWISD: 5      

    Education: University of North Texas (2003) Bachelor of Science in Journalism; Texas Woman’s University (2010) Master of Arts in Teaching

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Campus Teacher of the Year (2011-2012)
    District Teacher of the Year finalist (2011-2012)
    Campus Web Manager
    Technology Integrator for Benbrook Middle School

    From Ryan: “In each child lies the untapped potential of a future engineer, scientist, or business executive. It is up to me to help harness that potential and help them realize their dreams. My students are inquisitive and hard-working- and if they do not realize they are at the start of the year, they definitely do by the end. I try to be a good role model for my students. I set high expectations for my students- the ultimate of which is a college education- and I expect them to be met. Furthermore, I realize that education needs to become a team effort. I work with other math teachers in my grade level to plan lessons and set up resources.”

    From his principal: “Mr. Peterson has been voracious in his continued efforts to create the most effective learning environment possible. The most innovative of these endeavors are his Pencasts. This is an online tool that records Mr. Peterson’s voice as he works through the steps of math problems using a recording pen. This gives his students (and their parents) serious homework help and concept development. He also provides some flipped classroom learning experiences that students can review at their own speed at their home. I can honestly say that this teacher is truly a model for all professional educators.”   Richard Penland

    Teaching Chair Jennifer L. Terry Jennifer L. Terry
    XTO Chair for Teaching Excellence in Early Childhood Education

    Bruce Shulkey Elementary School
    Total Years as a Teacher: 5
    Total Years in FWISD: 5        

    Education: Texas Christian University (2008) Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education; University of Texas-Arlington (2012-present) pursuing Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Campus Teacher of the Year (2012-2013)
    Campus Teacher of the Year Nominee (2011-2012)
    PTA member

    From Jennifer: “I believe having the opportunity to teach is a gift that requires passion, dedication, patience, and determination. As educators, we must be motivated and willing to learn new ideas and concepts. We, as educators, have to lead by example. My beliefs about teaching are demonstrated in my teaching style by setting my students up for success. Incorporating games throughout my lessons, fostering a student oriented learning environment, assigning pair, small group and whole group activities are all strategies that assist with making my beliefs a reality. Making sure that I foster a family oriented and student centered learning environment allows my classroom to be fun, energetic, and effective.”

    From her principal: “Ms. Terry is responsible for many ESL students who are new to the country and have little or no English speaking skills. She has a gift of making them feel comfortable and at ease very quickly and yet teaches them to be a contributing member of the school and classroom. Ms. Terry is always willing to volunteer for extra duties and has been a tutor for the upper grades after school and always volunteers to teach summer school. Ms. Terry is an outstanding teacher who recognizes each one of her students as an individual with the potential to succeed in life.”   Alice Galban

    Teaching Chair Tamara Thomas Tamara Thomas
    Outreach Communications Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Reading

    Morningside Elementary School

    Total Years as a Teacher: 10
    Total Years in FWISD: 6        

    Education: Seton Hall University (2000) Bachelor’s Degree in English

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    Teach for America Alumna

    From Tamara: “Teaching has significance in my life. It was not a whim, it’s my calling. It is the reason that I spend long nights up working, or I wake at the crack of dawn to ensure I’m prepared. …If you can’t read, you can’t do anything. I’m teaching kids to read! I’ve been on a mission to do that for years. …But the truth is that many of our students are reading two to three years behind their on-grade level peers. They are truly being left behind. And if you can’t read, you will find it difficult to do any other subject independently. My goal is to close the gap with each of my students. And for my students who come to me reading on or above their grade level, I want them to continue soaring so that they can compete in the community that we now live in. …My goal this year is to inspire every child so that they fall in love with reading!”

    From her principal: “Tammy Thomas is one of the most energetic educators I have known. She exposes children to literature in ways that come alive. Her students enjoy her class and feel the freedom to take risks. Tammy continuously develops her craft by exploring new ideas and employing strategies and techniques in her class that she has learned through her own personal professional development. Tammy has the freedom to express her authentic instructional creativity through structured project based learning activities and research endeavors. When I leave her classroom, I am invigorated and inspired to be a better educator!”   Ronnita Carridine

    Teaching Chair Donna S. Warner Donna S. Warner
    Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Chair for Teaching Excellence in Health and Physical Education

    South Hills High School

    Total Years of Teaching: 23
    Total Years in FWISD: 11

    Education: Weatherford College (1987) Associates Degree; University of North Texas (1992) Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    TAPHERD- Texas Association Physical Education Recreation Dance
    CCCAT- Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas
    THSCA- Texas High School Coaching Association
    FWCA- Fort Worth Coaches Association:  USATF- USA Track and Field

    From Donna: “I did not realize the great influences I had during my youth until I started to work with kids. It brought into focus how much of an impact MY high school basketball coach had on me as a teenager. He pushed me every day, lectured me every day, and made work hard every day. At the time, I thought I hated him! Only later did it occur to me that my high school coach helped shape me into the person I am now. I use this story with my kids. As I work with them, it helps me to show them how we all need to be pushed so that we can be successful. I love my job, and I want my students to see that I work hard to be the best…and that they deserve no less than my best.”

    From her principal: “She works tirelessly at our campus by attending athletic events after school and on weekends. She is an advocate for student success and is making a great impact on our students’ lives and futures by shaping the teaching, learning and culture at South Hills High School. She is relentless in advocating for students. Ms. Warner has high expectations for students and does not give up on them even though at times the students give up on themselves. She has a motto of, ‘Never, Never, Never give up.’”   Dorothy Gomez

    Teaching Chair Araceli Tenorio Williamson Araceli Tenorio Williamson
    Lockheed Martin Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Math

    Springdale Elementary School

    Total years as a Teacher: 14
    Total years in FWISD: 12

    Education: University of Texas Arlington (1995) Bachelor of Science in Biology, with honors; University of Texas-Arlington (2012) Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with math emphasis.

    Recognitions and Organizations:

    United Educators of America
    Teacher of the Year nominee 2009
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    Bilingual and English as a Second Language certifications

    From Araceli (to her colleagues): “You are the foundation on which society stands. Without you, all other professions would cease to exist. You were the ones who laid the first brick in what became a mighty fortress, ignited that tiny flame that turned into a burning passion and turned on the engines of knowledge so that our children could run, fly and soar. Know that your work is important, and do your best to teach our children well. Help them to realize their potential so that they are successful in whatever they choose to do. After all, you want your road to be the one that everyone will want to follow.”

    From a colleague: “It is with patience that she is able to help students understand math. Her inquiry is subtle, yet effective, clarifying what they do not understand. Mrs. Williamson is savvy in her approach to reaching her students. In reality, she is only one person, set on creating a classroom of learners. However, she empowers her students to learn from one another. Mrs. Williamson is a loving, dedicated and compassionate teacher, willing to share knowledge.”   Martha Chavez Arceneaux