Web Style Guide

    • The default font in Blacboard for the Fort Worth ISD website is coded in the CSS stylesheet. Schools should not override the stylesheet.
      Use <p> for paragraphs
      Use <h1> - <H6> for headers
    • Comic Sans or any other font similar should not be used to keep a consistent look. Please allow the template to control the fonts being used.
    • If you copy and paste text, the preferred method is to use the Plain Text icon in the content editor. This method will retain the default font and size.
    • Underlines should not be used; they are reserved for active links.
    • Use graphics such as clip art sparingly. 


    Campus Homepage Layout

    Region A - Welcome Image*
    Region B - Upcoming Events
    Region C - Campus and District News
    Region D - Quick Links and Announcements
    Region E - Features

    To update your school's Welcome Image (Region A), please contact the Branding Coordinator.

    Mascots, Colors and Welcome Images

    Your school name will display next to your mascot. To update your school’s mascot, the colors of your site, or your Welcome Image (Region A), please contact the Branding Coordinator.


    To ensure that your images display properly, it is imperative that you resize before uploading. Below, are the recommended sizes for each section of your website:

    • Section A - Welcome Image*: 1500 pixels (width) x 915 pixels (height)
    • Section C - Campus News: 265 pixels (width) x 150 pixels (height)
    • Section E - Features: 305 pixels (width) x 305 pixels (height)
    • Image App - 305 pixels (width) x 305 pixels (height)
    • Mascot* - 115 pixels (width) x 115 pixels (height)

    *To update your Welcome Image (Region A) or your Campus Mascot, please contact the Branding Coordinator.

    Free Online Image Editor

    1. Navigate to: http://templatelibrary.schoolwires.net/imageEditor  
    2. In the lower left input the desired Width and click Enter. Input the desired Height and click Enter.
      Bookmark the resulting URL as it will save your selected dimensions.
    3. Click Select New Image to upload your image.
    4. Click on the image to drag and drop for repositioning.
    5. Click Download Cropped Image to save to your computer.
    6. Upload the saved image to your Multimedia Rotator or Photo Gallery on the website.