• Support Staff


    P. Martinez



    JC Sao

    On Campus Police Officer


    I am Officer JC Sao with Fort Worth Police Department, and I am School Resource Officer or SRO for short for 17 years.

    I have been working with the City of Fort Worth for 24 years. This is my 5th year with INA.

    I went to California State University, Long Beach and earned my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.


    Chasity Garza

    Attendance Clerk


    Donna Munoz

    Data Clerk


    I work in the main office answering phone calls, helping parents and students with whatever is needed.    

    My job includes enrolling and withdrawing students.
    Another fun thing I do is Progress Reports, Grades, and Transcripts.










    Parent Coordinator 


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    A. Arrieta

    Family Engagement  

     I am here to help and support you in overcoming obstacles that may prevent you from coming to school and have resources available to reach this goal. 

    I also work with the subprincipal in quantifying absences and coordinating the absence recovery program. 


    K. Herrera




    G. Ortiz 


      I am the College and Career Readiness Coach at International Newcomers Academy.

    I am in charge of the GO Center, my goal is to promote college and careers and have our students be confident in their post-secondary decisions.

    I will serve as a resource and advocate for your student. 

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    B. Williams

    Freshman Success Coach
    Technology Liaison
     Supporting freshmen by improving grade level on track rates, improving course performance as reflected in GPA, increasing college readiness and access indicators for all students.



    J. Rosa

    Teacher Assistant 




    N. Dass

    Teacher Assistant 

    Willie Every


    W. Every 

    Teacher Assistant 

     Jon Anderson


    J. Anderson 

    Teacher Assistant 





    I have been working in ISS/OCI for the last 6 years and previously taught ELA.