• PRINCIPAL: Troy Langston, troy.langston@fwisd.org

    Troy Langston   

    Mr. Langston has been a professional educator for 22 years. He grew up in the Diamond Hill area of Fort Worth and attended M.H. Moore Elementary, S.S. Dillow Elementary, and the High School for Science and Engineering Professions at P.L Dunbar High School.  Mr. Langston earned a BA in Anthropology from UTA, a BS in Zoology from UT Austin, and a MEd from UTA.  He taught Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Biology for eleven years at Carter Riverside High School and served as Assistant Principal at P.L. Dunbar High School for the four years before transferring to TABS. In the seven years that Mr. Langston has led the Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences it has become one of Texas’ highest achieving schools.


    Ronnie Garcia  

    Ronnie Garcia, ronnie.garcia@fwisd.org, 817-814-5013

    Mr. Garcia is a West Texas boy. He grew up in the hot, windy, sweaty, plains north of Abilene. He played high school and college football and loves to workout, play the guitar, fish, AND nap! Currently, this is Mr. Garcia's first year at Paschal, previously, he spent 5 years in Stop Six, at Dunbar High School. PROUD TO BE A PANTHER!!

    Ryan Hoyler, ryan.hoyler@fwisd.org

    Michelle Guerra, michelle.guerra@fwisd.org

    Tracy Smith  

    Tracy Smith, tracy.smith@fwisd.org, 817-814-5015

    Tracy Smith has been in the R.L. Paschal pyramid for 7 years.  She grew up in Israel and Taiwan until her senior year when she moved to the metroplex.  She earned her BA in Math and Science and her MEd in Leadership and Policy Studies from UTA. This year Ms. Smith's list of duties include 10th grade discipline A-LOP, Dean of Instruction for Math and Science, Testing and freshman camps/PASS week.

    Benjamin Swanson, benjamin.swanson@fwisd.org