• PRINCIPAL: Troy Langston, troy.langston@fwisd.org 

      Langston 22

    Introducing Mr. Langston, a dedicated educator with 28 years of professional experience. Growing up in the Diamond Hill area of Fort Worth, he attended M.H. Moore Elementary, S.S. Dillow Elementary, and the High School for Science and Engineering Professions at P.L Dunbar High School. Mr. Langston earned a BA in Anthropology from UTA, a BS in Zoology from UT Austin, and a MEd from UTA.

    During his career, Mr. Langston taught Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Biology for eleven years at Carter Riverside High School. He then served as Assistant Principal at P.L. Dunbar High School for four years before co-founding The Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (TABS). Under his guidance, TABS quickly rose to become one of Texas’ highest achieving schools in the seven years he led the institution.

    Now in his 6th year at Dear Old Paschal, Mr. Langston is excited about serving Fort Worth's oldest and largest high school and its students. As Principal, he stands firmly by the school's Vision statement: "There is One Paschal, where everyone is valued, challenged to work hard, grow, and be active participants in building a positive community."

    In his leadership role as Principal, Mr. Langston has a multitude of duties, ensuring the smooth functioning of the campus and providing direction to the entire school community. Beyond his professional achievements, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, engaging in activities such as running, hiking, camping, and canoeing. These hobbies not only bring him joy but also exemplify his dedication to a balanced and active lifestyle.

    Mr. Langston is known for his servant leadership style, consistently going above and beyond to support the students, staff, and the entire school community. His unwavering commitment to fostering a positive learning environment and empowering others has earned him the respect and admiration of all who work with him.

    In his 6th year at Paschal, Mr. Langston also serves as the Dean of Instruction for Math, further demonstrating his dedication to academic excellence and student success in all areas of the curriculum. With his wealth of experience and passion for education, Mr. Langston continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of students and the school community as a whole. His visionary leadership and dedication to student success make him an integral part of Paschal High School's journey toward excellence.




    Jackie Trevino-Garcia, jacqueline.trevino-garcia@fwisd.org, 817-814-5013

    Meet Mrs. Trevino-Garcia, a dedicated educator hailing from Fort Worth. She is a proud product of FWISD, having graduated as the valedictorian from Amon Carter Riverside High School. Mrs. Garcia holds the distinction of being the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. She earned her bachelor's degree in political science and Spanish from Texas Christian University, followed by a Masters in Secondary Education.

    With a passion for teaching, Mrs. Garcia devoted 21 years to Arlington Heights High School. For a decade, she taught Spanish, and for 11 years, she served as the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) coordinator and elective teacher. Her commitment to excellence earned her recognition as a finalist for FWISD's District Teacher of the Year, and she actively contributed to various leadership committees.

    Mrs. Garcia and her husband Carlos are embracing the joys of being empty nesters, cherishing their role as parents to three accomplished daughters: Alexis, Aleeza, and Lizette. Her pride shines as her daughters graduated from prestigious institutions such as Texas Woman's University and the University of the Arts (Philadelphia). Her youngest daughter is currently a senior at the University of North Texas. Now at home, Mrs. Garcia and her husband Carlos find companionship in their two beloved dogs, Nala and Winnie.

    Family time holds a special place in her heart, along with watching football, dancing, and indulging in movie outings. Now, in her 3rd year as an assistant principal at Paschal High School, Mrs. Garcia is proud to be a part of the Panther community. Her leadership style is characterized by servant leadership, often asking, "How can I help?" "¿Cómo puedo ayudar?"

    As one of the 9th-grade assistant principals (last name M-Z), Mrs. Garcia also takes on the role of Dean of Instruction for the Performing Arts, Special Education, and AVID. Her responsibilities extend to overseeing the Fort Worth After School Program, Spanish-speaking parent meetings, textbooks, and 9th-grade teams. She finds fulfillment in supporting the teachers, students, and families of Paschal, making it known that "Se habla español" for all who seek her guidance and support.


    Jennifer Pate, jennifer.pate@fwisd.org, 817-814-5014

    Meet Ms. Pate, an exceptional educator with a decade-long tenure in FWISD, split between 5 years at Paschal and 5 years at Marine Creek Collegiate HS. With her wealth of experience, she brings a remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise to her role, leaving a lasting impression on the school community.

    Raised in the mid-cities area, Ms. Pate holds a bachelor's degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin, with a focus on Kinesiology and English as a Second Language, solidifying her commitment to academic excellence and language development. Her pursuit of excellence led her to complete a Masters in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University while working with incarcerated high school dropouts in New Mexico.

    Ms. Pate's passion for education brought her back to Texas, where she joined the Paschal administrative team in 2019. As the Dean of Instruction for the Science and Visual Arts departments, she nurtures creativity and fosters scientific exploration among students. Ms. Pate plays an active and vital role in supporting the Counseling department and scheduling, while also ensuring attendance recovery and accurate reporting. Moreover, she skillfully orchestrates the annual PASS week, showcasing her unwavering dedication to student success and holistic development.

    Outside her professional commitments, Ms. Pate enjoys exploring new eateries and discovering great coffee shops, savoring culinary delights and the perfect brews they offer. Despite her busy schedule, she is a devoted mom to her two teen children, both active in sports. Yet, her commitment to Panther Nation remains unwavering, as she wholeheartedly supports the school community in all its endeavors.

    With her years of experience, genuine dedication, and focus on student growth, Ms. Pate is an invaluable asset to the Paschal High School community. Her relentless pursuit of excellence, paired with her firm and impactful approach, establishes her as an outstanding educator and leader. She greatly impacts the  lives of students and colleagues, demonstrating remarkable skills.



    Jessica Leavitt, jessica.leavitt@fwisd.org, 817-814-5015

    Meet Mrs. Jessica Leavitt, an esteemed educator with an impressive 18-year tenure in the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD). Her journey into education began with a pivotal moment in high school when her counselor recognized the significance of foundational math skills, sparking her lifelong dedication to empowering young minds.

    Her academic journey led her from Tarrant County College to Texas Christian University (TCU), where she completed her bachelor's degree in Middle School Mathematics Education, solidifying her commitment to shaping the lives of middle school students.

    Over ten enriching years, Mrs. Leavitt made a significant impact on students' academic and personal growth in 6th through 8th-grade mathematics at J.P. Elder Middle School, Wedgwood 6th, and McLean Middle School. This journey of self-discovery and leadership experiences led her to pursue a master's in Educational Leadership from TCU.

    As an Assistant Principal, she spent four transformative years at McLean Middle School, fostering a nurturing and supportive learning environment for both students and staff. Now, as she enters her 3rd year at Paschal High School, Mrs. Leavitt looks forward to celebrating the accomplishments of her first graduating class of seniors, Class of 2024. Among them, she cherishes the growth of her son, Ethan, and every student she has had the privilege of witnessing develop into impressive young adults. This graduation holds a special place in her heart, and Mrs. Leavitt is honored to have been a part of their transformative high school experience, and even those tough middle school COVID years for some. She is excited to continue her service to the Panther nation, overseeing 12th-grade discipline, Go Center, Library, campus testing and technology, and serving as the Dean of Instruction for the CTE and JROTC department. Mrs. Leavitt will also be working collaboratively with our new Post-Secondary Specialist, Mrs. Reimann, to foster the growth of Paschal's Programs of Choice (POC) - Collegiate Academy: AP Capstone Academy and Information Technology: Computer Science.

    Mrs. Leavitt finds joy in a variety of hobbies, including singing, listening to audiobooks, and savoring good Gluten-free food. Cherishing family moments, she enjoys watching movies, bowling, or playing mini-golf with her husband and two sons. Not to mention the family's three lovable dogs, who bring an extra dose of happiness during playtime and daily walks.

    Her warm and welcoming nature allows her to effortlessly connect with students and staff. Creating meaningful connections within the school community is one of her most treasured aspects of her role. She takes pride in fostering a supportive environment for everyone.

    With her profound dedication to education, vibrant presence in the school hallways, and commitment to fostering meaningful connections, Mrs. Jessica Leavitt stands ready to make a lasting impact on the lives of students, faculty, and the Panther community as a whole in her 3rd year at the school.



     Ben Swanson, benjamin.swanson@fwisd.org, 817-814-5016

    Meet Mr. Swanson, affectionately known as Swanny, a devoted educator with a remarkable 24-year journey in the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD). Throughout his distinguished career, Swanny has left an indelible mark on countless students' lives, shaping them to become the best versions of themselves.

    Before joining our vibrant Paschal team in 2018, Swanny spent 9 years as both a teacher and assistant principal at Eastern Hills High School, where he laid the foundation for his passion for academic excellence and student success. As he transitioned to Paschal, he took on a myriad of responsibilities, this year his duties include overseeing 11th-grade discipline, serving as Dean of Instruction for Social Studies, Health, and PE, WEB, and ensuring the safety and security of the school environment. Swanny's invaluable contributions extend even further, as he has been a strong pillar of support for our beloved athletics programs.

    A true Fort Worth native, Swanny's roots are deeply entrenched in this community. He pursued his undergraduate education at Ottawa University in Kansas, where he not only earned his degree but also played football for an impressive four years. Sportsmanship and dedication were instilled in him during those days, qualities he now imparts onto the students he mentors.

    Outside the school walls, Swanny cherishes his loving family, with his wife Claudia by his side and their son Edward, who has grown to be a fine young man at 21 years old. And who could forget the lovable Ozzy, their big puppy, who brings boundless joy to their home?

    As much as he's devoted to education, Swanny has a penchant for thrill and adventure. Whenever the opportunity arises, you'll find him cruising on motorcycles, savoring the freedom of the open road. And when it comes to indulgence, Swanny has a fondness for sugar-free snacks and drinks, complemented by his love for hearty, succulent steaks.

    In the hallways and classrooms of our school, Swanny's dedication to nurturing young minds shines through, and he wouldn't have it any other way. A teacher, a mentor, a guiding presence – Swanny is the epitome of what it means to be a lifelong educator. Always approachable, always caring, he welcomes the nickname with pride and warmth, urging all to call him Swanny.

    We are honored to have Mr. Swanson, our beloved Swanny, as an integral part of our school community. His passion, commitment, and unwavering support enrich the lives of those around him, leaving an everlasting impact on generations to come.


     Randy Young

    Randy Young, randy.young@fwisd.org, 817 814-5012

    Meet Mr. Young, an experienced educator with 23 years of service in FWISD, including 14 years as an administrator. He holds a bachelor's degree from Texas Tech and a master's in Educational Leadership from Texas Wesleyan.

    Throughout his career, Mr. Young has been dedicated to serving students and supporting their academic growth. His journey in education began as a science teacher at Northside High School, where he instilled a passion for learning in his students. Since then, he has served as an assistant principal at several high schools, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to support the school communities.

    In 2019, Mr. Young joined the Paschal team, and this year, his duties include serving as the Dean of Instruction for World Languages and English Language Arts, two critical areas that shape students' communication and language skills. Additionally, he is one of the 9th-grade assistant principals (last name A-L), implementing initiatives like Friday Advisory, and High Impact tutoring to ensure students' success and well-being. Mr. Young also oversees transportation at Paschal, ensuring that students have safe and reliable transportation options.

    When not at school, he cherishes spending quality time with his two daughters, ages 13 and 11, who are the light of his life. Beyond his professional commitments, he enjoys various outdoor activities with his daughters, including gardening, hunting, fishing, and swimming. His love for the outdoors fosters a deep appreciation for nature.

    With his years of experience and genuine dedication to students and staff, Mr. Young is an integral part of Paschal High School's mission to provide a nurturing and empowering learning environment for all. His passion for education and commitment to fostering a supportive community make him a valuable asset to the school and its students.