• It’s what every parent wants – a learning experience that engages their child, supports his or her interests and opens pathways to success. The Fort Worth Independent School District is fulfilling that wish with new programs and schools that will lead the nation in transforming the classroom experience as we know it. Gone is the old “ one size fits all” model of learning. The District is ushering in a new era with winning opportunities for every student at every skill level. Simply put, we are giving students and their parents the power of choice. It is the power to choose courses of study based on personal interests and passions. It is the power to take ownership in the education experience. And it is the power that comes with being engaged in learning and excited about the future.



    Every Fort Worth ISD high school will offer Gold Seal Programs of Choice – rigorous courses of study based on students’ interests as well as the needs of the modern workplace. Programs include:

    • Real world applications to classroom lessons
    • Internships and job shadowing through the District’s business partners
    • College credit hours through dual credit
    • Licensures and certifications
    • Core instruction in math, science, English language arts and social studies
    • Advanced Placement

    Gold Seal Program categories include engineering, agriculture, business administration, fine arts, government and law, health science, hospitality, marketing, public safety, technology, visual and graphic arts and much more. Within each program are multiple trajectories to ensure an extraordinary learning opportunity for every student.


    Gold Seal Programs can be “money in the bank” for parents and students. Some programs allow students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of transferable college credit. That alone can save thousands of dollars in college expenses. And for the student who works to pay for college, licensures and certifications earned in high school can result in a higher-level job with higher pay.




    Schools of Choice largely serve students who desire a non-traditional approach to the learning process. Schools of Choice are stand-alone schools that provide a unique learning opportunity for elementary, middle and high school students.



    Young students also have the opportunity to become more engaged learners through Fort Worth ISD Programs of Choice. They are offered at several elementary and middle schools across the District. Students receive a full range of learning experiences along with a more intensive curriculum in such fields as math, science, communications, art and foreign language. Exciting and educational electives spark children’s imaginations, give them ownership of their education and begin teaching them lifelong skills for success.

    Find a program that is right for your child and join us as we transform our schools to ensure readiness for college and career.