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    Within our memories, Thy praise we behold.
    Now and forever, we hail the Green and Gold.
    And in our lives to come, Our hearts shall be blessed,
    We love and honor our own WHHS.

    ~Written by Rick Eubanks


    Fight Song        FightSong Listen

    The green and gold deserves our honor,
    Cougars fight for victory.
    We’ve the spirit and the ball,
    We fight for glory so give ‘em our all.
    We hit the field to claim the victory,
    The Cougars will never say die.
    We’re going to go, fight, win,
    And come to fight again,
    It's the Cougar's Battle Cry!
    Go-Fight-Win Tonight! (repeat)



  • Karen Thomas (Uselton)
    Faculty Member 1976 - December 2019:

    When I started at WHHS, 44 years ago, there was no downstairs.  It was an open area where students and teachers went to smoke.  In 1976, that was legal.  The entire patio area, all the way down including the softball field were covered in portable buildings.  There were 2300 students here at the time.  I remember my first pep rally here and almost being knocked down by all 2300 students running to the auditorium.  I have never seen anything like it since.  Everyone stood, cheered for every grade, payed attention to the cheerleaders, and the first 10-15 rows filled with varsity football players and coaches.  It was a very impressive thing to see and be a part of.