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    Advanced Accelerated Academy (A3)

    High-achieving students focused on Pre-AP and AP courses will benefit from Advanced Academics Scholars Academies. Through these college-readiness academic programs, students prepare for entrance into 4-year universities. Advanced students can begin taking AP courses as early as their 9th-grade year, with many earning college hours through success on AP exams. All students participating in this Gold Seal program will be required to take Pre-AP and AP courses 9th – 12th grade and will have the opportunity to graduate with the Distinguished Level of Achievement diploma.

    • All scholars will be required to take Pre-AP/AP/Dual Credit courses 9th-12th grades.
    • Scholars are required to earn college credit through either an AP exam or Dual Credit by the end of their junior year.
    • Scholars are required to take a minimum of 3 advanced elective courses.


    Academy of Engineering, Math and Science

    Whether you are interested in exploring the world around us, developing solutions to problems, designing and creating structures, or want to invent and work with technologies that will impact our future – a STEM program will provide you with the tools and foundation necessary to launch your career. Through STEM, students can combine their interest and knowledge in these multi-faceted paths to discover their talents.

    • Explore lucrative careers while using math and science skills, and gain a competitive edge in college admissions and the job market.
    • Participate in activities that teach you to:Design in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
    • Prototype designs in a cutting-edge 3D printing lab
    • Build full-scale projects in the engineering shop
    • Configure and program robots for competition

    Certifications: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate