• The Golden Sneaker Award was created in 2010 to recognize individual schools for promoting and implementing wellness activities and policies on their campus. There is one award given each month to an elementary school and one to a secondary school.

    The trophies, bronzed sneakers on walnut bases with plaques that read For those who have gone the extra mile for wellness, travel from school to school each month.

    Principals, or their Local Wellness Coordinators, submit a form detailing what they have done in the past month to deserve the award. Activities range from establishing a walking club for students, their families and staff, to the implementation of policies that encourage the sale of non-food items as fundraisers.

    The award is competitively sought after, and the announcement of the winners has become the highlight of monthly principalsmeetings. (See pictures here.)


    2015-2016 School Year


    May 2016 Springdale Elementary Held their first ever Family Wellness Night  
      South Hills HS Conducted Safe Spaces training  
    March 2016 East Handley Elementary 100% of their Cowtown racers finished  
      Versia Williams Elementary Outstanding participation at Cowtown  
    February 2016 Carter Park Elementary Winners of the Mayor's Challenge  
      Greenbriar Elementary Poison Control training for staff  
    January 2016 Daggett Elementary Exemplary effort at teaching the "whole child"  
      Alice Carlson Going the extra mile for student wellness  
    December 2015 George Clarke 6th annual walk/run with healthy snacks served afterward  
      Rosemont 6th Family Wellness Fair with speakers, vision screening, DrumFit  
    November 2015 Daggett Montessori Wellness Wednesdays before school, annual Dragon Dash  
      Cesar Chavez Dancing in the Hallways on Fridays  
    October 2015 WJ Turner Student running club, afterschool Zumba, parent walks every morning  
      Westcliff Student running club, afterschool Zumba, Goodies for Grandparents with fruit  


    2014-2015 School Year



    October 2014


    Seminary Hills

    National "Let's Move: Active Schools" winner for 2014



    McLean MS

    Walking and Running club for students and staff

    November 2014



    Fit Friday, running club with 94 students and lots of staff, Scrub Club for International Hand Washing Day, healthy cookie for Cookie Friday



    South Hill HS

    Inspired students with their fitness testing results so that students are doing activities at home

     December 2014








     February 2015






     World Languages Inst.


     March 2015


     Westcliff & MH Moore

     Exercise balls in classrooms for students to sit on, activity during staff meetings, Zumba for parents

     April 2015


     Natha Howell

     Make-up run for Cowtown had over 200 students, parents & teachers participating. Every grade has recess.




     Open gym before school and during lunch


    2012-2013 School Year


    October 2012


    Seminary   Hills

    Banned FMNV before and after school, after school Zumba



    Kirkpatrick MS

    All students   participating   in FitWorth challenge, active

    waiver   day with a scavenger   hunt for staff, walking team   with staff, implementing   School Health Index

    November 2012


    Van Zandt-Guinn

    Stepping   Into Better Healthpedometer drive, staff has

    morning walks with principal, healthy snacks   for faculty meeting,   fire safety training, Friday faculty basketball




    Fitness Club with 30 students,   bike club with 15-20, Saturday

    Fitness Sessions for students   and families



    2011-2012 School Year


    October 2011


    Glen Park

    Family Fitness Night, annual   school walk, participating in

    Walk Across Texas



    Rosemont MS

    Faculty/staff participated   in Run for Life, walking   group that

    meets twice a week, nutrition meeting for   parents provided   by parent liaison

    November 2011



    Fitness Boot Camp for   employees   and families,   health news

    and tips   in school   newsletter,   after school program for   recreation provided   free by staff for students



    Daggett Montessori

    Family Wellness Month with Wellness Wednesdays-walking

    before school, Running   Club for students, fall field   day with a   focus on teamwork and fitness

    December   2011



    16th Annual Turkey   Trot with first time addition of parent

    and staff   race, health and   wellness fair   following the races,   used grant money from Dairy Max to promote nutrition and   fitness



    RL Paschal

    Est. a wellness cadre   to lead in 6 programs-resistance

    training,   yoga, running club,   core,   salsa, and   brown bag lunches. Reduce amount of   candy sales.

    January 2012


    De Zavala

    Clinic to insure staff   has access to immunizations, career &

    wellness expo, counselor   incorporated   health concepts in   lessons, canned food drive



    Riverside MS

    Three events –Junk the Junk Food, The Biggest Loser,

    The Amazing   Raceto incorporate nutrition and   physical activity into their   day

    February 2012


    Bill Elliott

    Annual Fitness   Night with providing activities for all ages

    with the help of the wellness   committee, actively participated in the Junk   the Junk Food.



    Riverside MS

    Continued   Biggest Loser and   added basketball   after school

    for staff as well   as a walking group on Monday/Wednesday

    March 2012



    FirstFamily Wellness   Night” with   an emphasis on oral

    health,   faculty member donated healthy   snack goody bagsand the PTA   provided healthy snacks




    Only high   school with a Cowtown 10K team, two   sport clubs

    afterschool, invited a pediatric dietician to talk   to   students

    April 2012


    South Hi Mount

    All day Fun and   Fitness Day-physical   activities all   day started

    with a run to Stripling   MS





    May 2012


    Alice Carlson

    Zoo Run and   a walking club for staff



    McLean 6th/EHHS

    McLean   paired up with an elementary school to learn about

    nutrition,   hydration and physical activity, EHHS   made the district walk   a community   event with lots of   information for   their community



    2010-2011 School Year




    September 2010


    Washington Hgts

    Welcome Back   Fair w/classes on wellness, kickboxing,

    healthy lifestyles classes   for staff/parents   and staff walking club



    McLean 6th


    October 2010


    Luella Merrett

    Teacher pedometer challenge, Walk across   Texas, Fitness

    Fridays, flu shots and health fair for the community



    JP Elder MS


    November 2010


    Dolores Huerta

    Career/Field Day combined with all   careers relating to health

    and wellness



    WM James MS


    December   2010


    No trophy awarded

    January 2011


    Maude Logan

    Continued   jammingminutes   right at start of   school

    day/everyone participates/principal thinks   it has reduced the number of tardies. Principal and AP pick one class to exercise with.





    February 2011


    LB Clayton

    Weekly Zumba   classes, Cowtown 5/10K practice twice a

    week for   parents and   students, monthly stay and play event   for   all





    March 2011


    North Hi Mount

    Healthy lifestyles for staff, principal   eating with students,

    exercise before school   instead of staying   in auditorium-   fewer tardies!





    April 2011


    East Handley

    Walking   School Bus, 2 initiatives – Turn Off   TV” & Get

    More Sleep





    May 2011


    MH Moore

    Wellness night, Zumba and yoga classes   for   staff/parents






    Their own “personal” sneaker for overall:                           ML Phillips Elementary and Riverside MS