•  Integration Tool Program Guidelines 2019-2020


    To qualify for after-course integration tools, one must be a certified professional, campus-based employee or campus administrator. In addition, employees must have a minimum of two hours of professional learning in Digital Citizenship before receiving any integration tools. See Eduphoria for Digital Citizenship course offerings.

    This year Digital Citizenship course offerings include:

    • Common Sense-Digital Citizenship (online, 2-CPE hours)
    • Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship (online, 1-CPE hours) (However, you need at least 2 CPE hours in Digital Citizenship to qualify for integration tools.)

    Tools earned as after-course integration tools are assigned to and travel with the participant as long as they are employed by the Fort Worth ISD in an instructional capacity. If an employee transfers to another school or instruction-related department, they must notify Educational Technology so that inventory records can be updated. When employees resign or retire, they should notify Educational Technology for inventory guidance.

    Technology Integration Tools Point System 

    Educational Technology training can qualify for integration tool points. The points can be accrued and redeemed by attending school year and summer professional learning (2019-2020), beginning in June 2019 (face-to-face and online). Employees must redeem all points by April 24, 2020. Points earned must be equal to the tool request (no exceptions).

    Participants may redeem technology points for the items listed. These items are redeemed on a first come first serve basis and subject to change based on item availability and program needs.

    Redeeming Integration Tool Points

    To redeem points earned by participating in professional learning through courses or badging click on the link below to submit a redemption request.

    Click Here for item details and descriptions


    Click Here to redeem your points




  • Integration Tools

     currently available 


    Name Point Value
    iPad with Cover 30
    Chromebook (back order) 14
    Swivl (limited supply) 10
    Microsoft Webcam 8
    Breakout EDU Kit  5
    VR Headset (limited supply) 5
    Adesso NuScan Document Camera (limited supply) 5
    Earbuds-Classroom set (limited supply) 4
    Green Screen with tripod 3
    Microphone Headset 3
    VGA Lightning Adapter 3
    Google Cardboard 2
    VGA Extension Cable 2
    Plicker Cards (limited supply)  1