FWISD Innovative Learning for our future

FWISD: Innovative Learning for our Future

  • The Fort Worth Independent School District is launching a learning design process to create a community inspired vision for its schools. To launch this learning design process, known as “FWISD: Innovative Learning for our Future,” the district will host a series of 20 community-wide education summits. These summits will be held throughout the district to ensure all citizens are provided an opportunity to share their highest hopes for students. Dates, times and locations are listed on this page.

    During these 20 summits, citizens will have an opportunity to hear more about the “FWISD: Innovative Learning for our Future” process, provide their thoughts on what students should know and be able to do when they graduate FWISD. Citizens will also share their reflections on the type of learning environment needed to support and achieve these aspirations. In an effort to develop this FWISD vision for learning, the district encourages all community members to attend at least one summit.

    FWISD has contracted with engage2learn to facilitate and partner with the district throughout this process. This organization is recognized for its ability to encourage all stakeholders to share openly and honestly.

    Additionally, an online survey is available for all citizens. This survey will be posted on all campus websites as well as the district’s website. Any citizen who would prefer to fill out a paper survey may do so by contacting their neighborhood FWISD school.

    Prior to the summits, more than 40 focus groups with about 600 stakeholders started the conversation on their highest hopes for students. These focus groups included students, parents, business leaders, clergy, and community members.

    Information, feedback and input gathered at the summits, focus groups and survey will be used by a community educational design team comprised of citizens including students, parents, teachers, principals, business leaders and community members who will develop this vision for learning.  All of the input gathered throughout this process is online at www.FWISD.org for review.

    This vision for learning will include a set of community beliefs about learning, learner profile, learner outcomes along with a learning framework. Additionally, the community committee will also complete a facilities assessment to determine if the vision for learning can be supported in every classroom. This committee will also provide a list of opportunities for the district to consider regarding improvements and adjustments to these campuses. By May 2017, the community committee will provide a final report to the FWISD Board of Trustees.

Dr. Scribner Invites Community to Create a Vision for Learning in Fort Worth ISD

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