American Indian Education Program





    The purpose of the American Indian Education Program (AIEP) in the Fort Worth ISD is to provide academic support through cultural education for identified students. Our goal is to ensure that each American Indian student successfully completes high school prepared for a higher education. This program is awarded federal funding from the office of Indian Education to provide services to Native American students under the provisions of the Indian Education Formula Grant Program authorized in Part A, Subpart I of Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 

    Opportunities to meet Education Needs 

    Fort Worth ISD is committeed to the full development of every child. Our program is specifically designed to help native students learn about their heritage while promoting academic success. 

    American Indian Education Program partners with school faculty to identify and assist Indian students across the district with academic, social and emotional needs. The American Indain Education Program Liaison also works with parents to provide support and referrals for services, if needed. 

    In school and in life, all children deserve a chance to reach their potential. The American Indian Education Program is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to achieve whatever they dare to dream. 

    Program Services

    • Tutoring 
    • Bookbags with school supplies
    • Monthly Mini-Camps
    • Tribal Language Resources
    • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
    • Summer Cultural Camp
    • Counseling/Community  refferals 
    • Native presentations on school campus 


    Program Eligibility

    Children who are enrolled in Fort Worth ISD, and who are members, or whose parents or grandparents are members, of an Indian tribe or band, including those recognized by the state in which the tribe or band resides, are eligable to participate. 

    American Indian Eligibilty Form 506



    Community partnerships play a vital role in the life of a child. The program has formed partnerships with the following groups to support student academic sucess.





  • Elizabeth Gravelle                              
    Program Liaison