• Resigning/Retiring from Employment with Fort Worth ISD 

    Board Policy DFE (LOCAL) requires that resignations shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent, or designee, and provided with reasonable notice.  Employees who submit their resignation are requested to inform their immediate supervisor at the time the resignation is submitted, and provide at least two (2) weeks’ notice prior to the last work day whenever possible.  All resignations shall include a statement of the reasons for resigning, which may be included on the District Resignation Form-100.  Resignations are submitted through the District's Employee Self Service portal, which is accessed at the bottom of this webpage with instructions to submit a resignation.   All full-time employees will receive written notification from the District once their resignation has been received and accepted.

    Chapter 21 Contract Employees

    •  Board Policy DFE (LEGAL) and Texas Education Code (T.E.C.) require individuals who are employed under a Chapter 21 contract to submit resignations no later than 45 days before the first day of instruction for the following school year.  Under T.E.C. Chapter  21.105(c), . 160(c), . 210(c), the State Board for Educator Certification may impose sanctions against a teacher who fails to provide proper notice to the District outlined in this section.
    • Resignations submitted for the end of the school year (last regularly scheduled work day of the employee for that school year) is accepted upon receipt of the District, and cannot be withdrawn without written request to and approval by the designated Human Capital Management administrator(s).
    •  Teachers who resign with less than 45 calendar days prior to the first day of instruction, or during the school year effective during the school year, must have their resignation approved and accepted by the District prior to release from employment.

    At-will Employees

    • Board Policy DFE (LOCAL) states that the Superintendent, or designee, shall be authorized to accept the resignation of at-will employees at any time.  At-will employees are requested to provide two (2) weeks notice prior to the employee's last work day whenever possible.

    Retirement with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS):  

    A Retirement Form 100 must be submitted through the District's Employee Self Service portal.  Retirements notifications are requested to be submitted 60 calendar days before the effective date of retirement so that the District may complete documents required by TRS for the employee's retirement application.  

    Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) 

    TRS Website:  


    Please contact TRS for information about submitting your application for retirement benefits.  Employees are required to submit a TRS-7 Form, obtained from TRS with the application for retirement benefits packet, to the District as part of their retirement notice. 

    Submitting a Resignation

    Note:  Employees will use their District login credentials to submit a retirement/resignation.  Please contact the Help Desk at 817-814-4357 for assistance if you do not have your user ID and/or password for District network access. 

    1. Click HERE to access the Form 100 and create a resignation form.  After completing this step, please proceed with the remaining steps listed below.
    2. Select at the top of the form the reason for separation (RESIGN or RETIRE).
    3. Complete all sections of the document. The exit survey section is required if resigning.
    4. Upon submitting the completed form, save the document download to the desktop of your computer.
    5. Close the resignation document you have completed.
    6. Access the Employee Self Service portal HERE.  Proceed with next steps to submit your resignation.
    7. Under the section “Add a Personnel Action” in ESS, select SEPARATION from the drop-down menu.
    8. Update your current mailing address and/or phone number in MUNIS, if applicable.
    9. At the bottom of the screen click on “Upload File.”
    10. Locate the Form-100 file you have saved on the computer, and upload the document.
    11. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page in Employee Self Service.
    12. A copy of the resignation form has been emailed to your FWISD email address, and the supervisor you have named on the form.
    13. Delete your saved resignation form from the computer if it is a public computer for privacy purposes.

    All resignations are pending approval until processed.  Employees may log back into the ESS portal to view the status of a resignation submitted.

    Employees who wish to withdraw or amend a resignation must communicate with staff in the Employee Relations Department in order to submit a written request.  Phone:  (817) 814-2790.