Teaching Substitute

  • Daily Rate of Pay For Substitute Teachers:

    $78.00 with a minimum of 60 college credit hours
    $86.00 with Bachelor’s Degree and above
    $96.00 with valid teachers certification
    $127.00 for retired FWISD teachers

    Long Term Pay :

    This only applies to Substitute Teachers holding a Bachelor's degree or higher. On the 11th consecutive day of the same long term (full day) assignment, the daily rate will increase from $86 or $96 to $127 per day. It will remain at $127 per day until completion of that one particular assignment.

    Requirements for Substitute Teachers

    • Applicants must have at least 60 college hours from an accredited college or university and be able to submit an original transcript.
    • Only U.S. citizens or aliens legally entitled to work in the United States are eligible for employment. Legal documents supporting eligibility to work must be provided at the time of hiring.
    • Applicants must be available to work at least two (2) days per week.

    Required Documents

    • State Driver’s License or State Issued ID
    • Social Security Card
    • Completed Criminal Record Check Form 
    • For Substitute Teachers: An official transcript (Must be Original)  listing a minimum of 60 college hours from an accredited college or university. (Transcripts must reflect all coursework. To qualify for the higher rate of pay, the transcript must show the conferred Bachelor Degree. All foreign transcripts must be equivocated, course by course, through an approved agency.) If your institution provides Escripts please have them email it us directly at Jose.javier1@fwisd.org

    After being hired, Substitute Teachers must complete the following required training (modules, units):

    • Degreed and Certified Teachers
      • One half day of orientation 
    • Degreed and NOT Certified
      • One half day of orientation 
      • Online STEDI training 
    • Non-degreed (60+ College Hours)
      • One half day of orientation 
      • Online STEDI training

    Pre-Application Information

    The Fort Worth ISD has instituted the Substitute Teacher Training Program designed by Utah State University Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by STEDI.org. This training program is a required part of the substitute induction process for non-certified substitutes.

    Applicants who possess a valid State teaching certificate or substitute teacher certification and can submit proof of certification, may waive the SubOrientation™ and SubSkills™ training. (A copy of the certification document must be attached to your application.)

    The process begins with training in classroom management, teaching strategies, planning, and other instructional skills and procedures. Non-certifiedsubstitutes are required to complete SubOrientation™ and SubSkills™ training and pass the SubAssessment™. The online assessment must be completed at 75% or greater within six weeks of employment.

    All substitute teacher applicants who are required to take the training will be charged $39.95 by STEDI.org for the cost of training. Payments may be made online by credit card, check, or money order.

    • The training fee provides applicants online access for one year to: 
    • The 25-minute SubOrientation™ video.
    • SubSkills™ training material
    • A variety of downloadable forms and reports and over 75 activities that can be used in the classroom.
    • The online SubAssessment™ which is designed to “assess” or evaluate how well the SubSkills™material has been mastered.

    The training includes 6-10 hours of interactive SubOrientation™ and SubSkills ™ training and may only be taken over the Internet. If you prefer not to study at a computer, you may purchase a handbook for an additional $19.95. An average of thirty minutes is required to complete each of the five Sub Assessment™ sections. Candidates may take each section of the SubAssessment™ a maximum of four times to obtain a passing score of at least 75%.

    The SubOrientation™ and SubSkills Training™ are available at: www.STEDI.org.

    After completing the assessment, substitutes should print or save a copy of the SubDiploma™ for their records. A copy of the SubDiploma™ should be submitted to Substitute System Calling Office of Human Capital Management. You may fax a copy to 817-814-2785 or attach and email the diploma to orlando.torres@fwisd.org, or bring it to our office.


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