• Daily Rate of Pay For Retired Substitute Teachers:
    $127.00 for retired FWISD teachers  (You must have retired from the FWISD to recieve the retiree rate of pay)

    We appreciate your interest in returning to the Fort Worth Independent School District. As a retiree it is of the utmost importance that you contact TRS to check your status prior to returning to work for the FWISD. It is a TRS requirement that all retirees must observe a one full, calendar-month break in all service with a TRS-covered employer after retirement and the retirement may be revoked if one works as a substitute during the required one full, calendar-month break in service (whether in the place of a current employee or if the position is vacant);.

    There may also be TRS-Care and Pension surcharges applied to your annuity. To contact TRS by phone please call: 1-800-223-8778

    TRS-Care and Pension Surcharges are due if employment of the retiree exceeds one-half time in a calendar month. See Pension Surcharge and TRS-Care Surcharge Guidelines for more information.