• YWLA Creates

    YWLA Creates is the Graphic Design & Integrated Digital Media program at the Young Women's Leadership Academy. Follow along with us on Twitter and Instagram!

    Course Sequence:

    6th - Computer Enrichment
    7th - Investigating Careers
    8th - Capstone
    9th - Principles of Art and A/V
    10th - Honors Graphic Design & Illustration I
    11th - Honors Graphic Design & Illustration II
    12th - Unpaid Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration



    Colby Allen
    Email: colby.allen@fwisd.org
    Courses: Graphic Design & Illustration I, Graphic Design & Illustration II, Unpaid Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration

    Clubs: YWLA Creates (student-led design studio) 

    Lendzioszek Angela Lendzioszek
    Email: angela.lendioszek@fwisd.org
    Courses: Capstone, Principles of Arts and A/V

    Clubs: YWLA Yearbook


    Gaynell Bellizan
    Email: gaynell.bellizan@fwisd.org
    Courses: Computer Enrichment, Investigating Careers, Professional Communications

    Clubs: YWLA News