• Sponsor: Ms. Miller Carpenter

    Meetings 1st Mondays 3:45pm-4:30pm Rm 507


    Descriptor: CSG is the iconic student organization for Southwest High School. Since its inception in 1968, CSG has contributed to the community of SHS through volunteer work, has instituted the end-of-year tradition of the senior-faculty basketball game, and has commended the senior class at graduation with a carnation for a job done well. Community, commitment, and concern epitomize CSG.


    Mission: Concerned Senior Girls exists to support the Southwest High School community by volunteering at victimized women's organizations, maintaining campus traditions, and recognizing seniors at graduation, which contributes to the empowerment of women and cultivates a nurturing environment.


    Fundraiser: End of Year Senior/Faculty Basketball Game


    Events: Special Kids Festival, October @ PDC; Hall Decorating, Homecoming; Taste of Southwest @ SHS cafeteria; Hearts of Love, Valentine’s; Senior/Faculty Basketball Game; and Carnations for Graduates


    Ongoing Donations: toiletries for “Stop the Trafficking,” a women’s shelter and rescue organization for trafficked women


    Community Service Requirement: 10 hours or full participation in two events


    Dues: $10.00 per year


    Membership: certificate of membership, t-shirt, cords for students who fulfill all of the organization’s requirements, and stoles for officers.