Summer Mathematics Acceleration Program

  • UPDATED - April 25, 2020

    Acceleration A²I (Advanced Academic Immersion)

    What Is the purpose of this program?

    The Advanced Academic Immersion (A²I) Summer Acceleration Program is designed to prepare students for entry into a rigorous course of study that affords talented mathematics students the opportunity to accelerate their learning. A²I enables students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills essential to success in Advanced Placement (AP) and college courses.

    What is required to enter the program?

    • Be enrolled in high school for the Fall of 2020 (current grade 8-11; current grade 6-7 with prior approval by
    • Successful completion of pre-requisite courses
    • Passing score on appropriate A²I-designed pre-test

    What are the course requirements?

    • Participatein the course for 115 hours (five hours a day for 23 days). No more than two absences allowed.  More than two absences will be cause for dismissal from the program.  Special permission to miss more than two days may be obtained only through Shannon Hernandez prior to the beginning of the program.
    • At the end of the course, students must have completed all weekly assessments and successfully completed the post-test with a grade of 80 or higher in order to receive credit for the course.

    How will A²I course grades be calculated?

    • Students will earn a grade on their transcript based on the grades of the pre-test, weekly assessments and post-test.  Percentages are as follows:
      • Pre-test - 5%
      • Weekly assessment average - 5%
      • Post-test - 90%
    • Grades will not be calculated into student's GPA

    How will the STAAR EOC exams be addressed?

    • Any student taking Algebra I is required to score successfully on the STAAR End-of-Course exam for Algebra I to meet new graduation requirements.
    • Students who earn Algebra I credit in the summer course through A²I, will take their EOC exam in late fall, which is well after the completion of the course.
    • Tutorial and refresher sessions will be scheduled to help students be successful on the EOC exams.

    Note: Changes in this policy may be made as the Texas Education Agency (TEA) posts new policy.

    What is the Cost?

    • Summer Acceleration Program courses are offered at no cost to Fort Worth ISD students.

    Important Information

    Dates: June 8, 2020 - July 16, 2020 (Holiday: July 2)                          
                           Monday - Thursday                 

    Time:  Available from 7:30 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.                                     
    Place:  To Be Determined – Whether Face-to-Face or Virtual

    For more information contact Shannon Hernandez or Betsy Norris at and

    All applications due by 5:00 pm on May 8, 2020 to be considered for Summer 2020 A²I program.


  • Registration is now closed. 


  • For more information contact Shannon Hernandez or Betsy Norris at 817.814.2540 or at or


    A2I Summer Acceleration Program Information Brochure and Application (English)

    A2I Summer Acceleration Program Information Brochure and Application (Spanish)