• General YWLA NHS Member Responsibilities:
    1. Maintain appropriate conduct (no U's, office referrals, or academic integrity issues)
    2. Attend all NHS meetings (In person or via zoom, etc...)
    3. Complete a minimum of 30 community service hours per year (see other requirements below)
    4. Participate in NHS events
    5. Pay the required dues
    Member Community Service: 
    • Need minimum of 10 total hours by the end of the school year. Any hours completed during the summer count for that year. 
    • Fill out and turn in the Community Service Log by each deadline below


    Definition of "Community Service": Offering your time and abilities to benefit the local community, including (but not limited to) schools, hospitals, parks & recreation, city events, and charitable organizations. Community service is unpaid. Furthermore, community service is by choice. (For example, if you are required by your choir teacher to attend a concert, that service is by requirement, not by choice)

    Service organizations include but are not limited to the following: Harris Hospital, Baylor All Saints Hospital, Cook Children, Food Bank of Tarrant County, Humane Society of NT, Habitat for Humanity, Arlington/Fort Worth Public Library, Project Graduation, teen court, and religious institutions. (Note: Religious instruction i.e. teaching Sunday School does NOT count towards service hours.) All organizations must qualify for Section 501 (c) 3 status. Other service organizations should be cleared through Mrs.Church.