• Message from TEA:

    T-TESS Rubric Update for Virtual Classrooms

    Given the increase in virtual classrooms and requests from districts statewide, the TEA is developing an aligned T-TESS rubric which isolates relevant, high-leverage practices in virtual instruction settings. This streamlined rubric will address the Planning, Instruction, and Learning Environment domains, including all current T-TESS dimensions within these domains. The rubric communicates best practices for virtual instruction and allows for focused observations and feedback with virtual instruction teachers. PLI is offering open labs to discuss the virtual instruction rubric. See the T-TESS/T-PESS Calendar to select a time and register on Eduphoria!. 

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  • T-TESS Less-than-Annual Waiver

    The T-TESS Less-than-Annual Waiver Form (Form E) is now located in Eduphoria! under the My Evaluation Process in the Beginning of Year section.


    T-TESS Orientation for New Hires

    Please see the T-TESS/T-PESS Calendar for all training dates.


    T-TESS Update for Returning Teachers & Appraisers

    Fort Worth ISD Board Policy (DNA Regulations) requires campus leaders and teachers to participate in an annual appraisal update. PLI is offering this training to all campus leaders who will redeliver to their teachers on campus. Administrators should register on Eduphoria to attend the training. During this update, administrators will have an opportunity to ask any questions related to appraisals and will receive the materials needed to redeliver.


    T-TESS Forms

    Forms A, C, and E are available in Eduphoria.

    Form A (Appeal for Review from Appraiser)

    Form B (Request for Second Appraiser)

    Form C (Mutual Agreement for pre-conference, observation, and post-conference)

    Form D (Request to Reschedule due to Unforeseen Circumstances)

    Form E (Request for Less-than-Annual Waiver and Ancknolwedgment of Eligibility)