District of Innovation (DOI)

District of Innovation
  • What is a District of Innovation?
    The District of Innovation concept, passed by the 84th Texas Legislative Session in House Bill 1842, gives traditional public school districts many of the flexibilities available to Texas charter schools. The law is intended to give districts more local control to suit their individual needs. In order to be granted these flexibilities, the district must adopt a District of Innovation plan. The plan can be developed to impact the entire district, a certain level of schools (i.e. only elementary schools), or individual campuses. Final plans must be approved by the District Advisory Committee and the Fort Worth ISD School Board.

    What is the District of Innovation Committee?
    The District of Innovation (DOI) Committee will consist of all District Advisory Committee (DAC) representatives, key central office personnel, and Board appointed members. Please click this link to see the DOI Committee.

    DOI Meetings
    February 16, 2017 Agenda / Minutes

    February   7, 2019 Agenda / Minutes

    DOI Local Innovation Plan

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    DOI FAQ from TASB 
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